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    Piano Wizard Academy Announces Challenge: Learn 12 Songs For Christmas

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    Piano Wizard Academy releases new holiday version with bold challenge to learn 12 songs by Christmas. Industry leading piano learning software shows accelerated piano lesson learning.

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    Immediate Release, Boulder, Colorado Piano Wizard Academy http://www.PianoWizardAcademy.com  announce holdiay piano lesson software that can have children playing Christmas music on the piano in minutes.  Piano Wizard Academy is an amazingly simple, award winning music video game system that has already taught thousands to play piano and read music in minutes, at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional lessons. What’s more, it is an open system so virtually any song can be imported and learned in the game, making it a kind of music learning system for life. It is so simple even 2 and 3 year olds can play, but sophisticated enough for older players to learn anything from Billy Joel’s Piano Man to a Bach Fugue. They have dozens of awards, top reviews and testimonials to back up these bold claims, saving parents thousands of dollars (and years of nagging) over traditional approaches.

    “One of the distinguishing characteristics of Christmas and Chanukah is what a musical holiday season it is, with Christmas carols and Chanukah songs helping create great family and community memories and unity, in a way that is really unique to the holiday season. We really love seeing whole families embrace music so easily and so joyfully through this special Piano Wizard Academy Holiday Bonus Version “ Said Jan Altman, Piano Wizard Evangelist

    Mr. Salter, the founder of Music Wizard Next Gen says “The games are designed to teach with concrete feedback and principles, similar to the way we learn our first language: by doing. We can teach the language of music to millions of children. Like the way Crayola unleashed the artistic imaginations of millions of children for generations, our goal is to have the same impact on the next generations of children, and adults, through music. With the implications of the new brain and music research, we could also be instrumental and help push the academic and cognitive abilities of a generation much further. We find that exciting, and working together, hope to make that happen, one child’s heart and mind, at a time.”

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    “When I first started studying piano as an adult I was awful. It took me almost 4 months to learn to play just one song, “Silent Night”. I already knew there had to be a better way. . . and accelerated learning in the software means you can learn it in minutes, not months."
    - Chris Salter
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    Piano Lessons for Christmas



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