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    Oregon-based Dentist Utilizes Digital Technology to Revolutionize the Patient Experience

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    The office of Susan Weinberg, DMD, located just outside of Portland, Oregon, is implemented digital dentistry into their daily efforts, with enormous benefits for their patients.

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    Tigard, OR: The dental practice of Susan Weinberg, DMD, sits a mere ten miles outside of Portland, in the city of Tigard. Although Portland residents are most likely familiar with this area, they may not yet know this is the location for one of the more forward-thinking dental care providers in the state. Susan Weinberg's practice now utilizes digital dentistry in many areas of her office.

    While digital dentistry is one of the fastest growing segments in the dental industry, many dentists are slow to make the upgrade. Dr. Weinberg has updated her office with “state of the art” digital equipment with a focus of staying ahead of the curve and putting patients first. The experience visitors can now expect at Dr. Weinberg's practice, with seamless integration of the latest digital dentistry techniques, will likely match or exceed their expectations.

    Digital technology has become an integral aspect of most endeavors, and dentistry is no different. The latest technology takes previously manual efforts and revolutionizes them, with a net result of easier predictive efforts, and a far more rapid process from start to finish. Dental professionals have been looking to technology to update their efforts for over a hundred years, but digital technology may well be leading to the largest improvements in the history of the profession.

    Dr. Weinberg and her staff will soon be offering a device called the 3Shape TRIOS Scanner. With this tool in hand, a dental professional can scan a patient's teeth digitally, removing the need to take a manual impression of the mouth. While impressions have always been useful, the process can be quite uncomfortable for the patient and even lead to a patient gagging. These concerns will soon be a thing of the past.

    For more information on Dr. Susan Weinberg DMD and her staff, visit http://DrSusanWeinberg.com

    or call 503-968-1696. For more information on online marketing and public relations firm prREACH, visit http://prreach.com.

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    “Technology is here today and is here to stay. It is the future of dentistry and the incredible thing is that the future is here right now.” It provides dentistry with new techniques that are faster, more natural looking, more compatible with the other teeth and the gums, stronger, more durable, and more long lasting".
    - Susan Weinberg DMD
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    Susan Weinberg DMD

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