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    Organizing Expert Kathi Burns Shares How To Reduce Stress Through Organizing

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    80% of clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space. Learn how creating a ‘yard’ around each designated ‘home’ will keep possessions from possessing!

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    Home organization can make the difference between constantly feeling time poor and living a simpler, more stress-free life. That’s the mantra of Board Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) and addSpace To Your Life! founder Kathi Burns.

    During the Friday, August 30 edition of PRIMETIME with Taylor Baldwin, Burns shared tips for how busy women can eliminate lost minutes and stressful hours each week through using simple home organization techniques. Burns just released a new weekly online course, Home Organizing Made Simple ™, designed to help individuals deal with the “muck that is keeping them stuck.”

    Burns says that one of the biggest challenges to home organization is paper. According to a Harris Interactive Report, 23% of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them. On the show, Burns demonstrated a filing system where paper can be handled effortlessly, making bill management easier. She adds that another issue that causes disorganization is clutter.

    According to Burns, about 80% of clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space. She suggests creating a “home” for every item and a “yard” around each “home” allowing easy access to items with room to expand. Burns feel that, “without space, even the best organizing system will fail.” Burns also demonstrates how having a “car-to-go” bag and “donation box” as well as using Google Calendar and weekly family planning meetings can aid in organization, saving time and reducing stress.

    Burns is offering PRIMETIME viewers an opportunity to receive a free eBook, The Guilt Free Lifestyle ~ How to Get Organized and Take Back Your Life! and a lifetime membership to her online course - Home Organizing Made Simple ™.

    For more information on the offer or Home Organizing Made Simple™ visit www.homeorganizingmadesimple.com.

    PRIMETIME with Taylor Baldwin airs daily from 3 -6 p.m. on UT-TV.

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    80% of clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space. A big challenge is having more space than possessions. Extra space will stop possessions from turning possessive!
    - Kathi Burns, CPO®
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    Kathi Burns, CPO®



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