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    Partnership Helps Executives Change Their Decision Making For The Greater Good

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    Grey Matter’s International announces a ground breaking partnership that raises the bar higher and will help the brain’s of our world leaders to truly change their decisions for the greater good.

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    Dr. Kevin Fleming, Founder/CEO of Grey Matters International, of Tulsa, OK and Jackson Hole, WY, announced today that it will be partnering with Justin Kennedy, Founding Fellow of Harvard Medical School's Institute for Coaching, on strategic initiatives designed to enhance global awareness of the powers of neuroscience for executive and organizational behavior change.

    Grey Matters International and Professor Kennedy's joining allows for a hybrid platform of research-informed practice that takes the "bar higher" in assisting the brain's of the world's leaders to truly change their decisions for a greater good.

    Dr. Fleming remarked, "In a world where the mere mention of the word 'brain' in one's line of work seems to mean better, more efficacious, or more credible. While this may be true, without true science behind those claims, the field of executive development risks a strong a dilution of truth."  Professor Kennedy is currently in process of receiving a grant at Harvard University to apply the use of neurotechnology within models of executive coaching to enhance outcomes, something that has been talked about by many but not empirically tested much less applied out there in the 'real world'.

    Grey Matters International utilizes neurotechnology for executive behavior change, especially for at-risk or burned out C-levels in a concierge fashion. Grey Matters International specializes in decisional neuroscience and ways to enhance training and executive coaching when traditional approaches carry too many half-truths and illusions that get exploited by the feel-good coaching and self-help markets.

    About Grey Matter's International, Inc.: Dr. Fleming's company has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Fortune Magazine, Fox News and has received critical acclaim from Faculty members at both Harvard Medical and Business Schools. Fleming has keynoted to members of the Cabinet for the King of Jordan, coached a White House cabinet member, as well as worked with a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

    Established in 2008, Grey Matters Inter‎national's attractive appeal to distinctive clients has grown over the years, expanding its services to 5 continents, with numerous clients seeking the unique blend of clinical acumen and executive-friendly cultural awareness. Dr. Fleming, a three time Notre Dame graduate, was compelled to take his education in clinical psychology and revolutionize his field, noting that over medication, trite motivational mantras of coaching, or mere endless therapy sessions was not doing much to transform people. Making his organization what he calls a "second order change" company, Dr. Fleming constantly challenges the assumptions behind the current world of "pseudoscience" bringing truth again to the forefront of the helping professions.

    About Professor Kennedy: Professor Kennedys' distinguished work carries multiple appointments at top-rated universities, including Monarch's Business School in Switzerland as well as University of Pretoria in South Africa.

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