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    Pittsburgh, PA Adoption Agency Hosts Webinar On Domestic Adoption

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    An online webinar will be hosted by Adoptions From The Heart which has an office located conveniently close to Pittsburgh, PA in Greensburg.

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    Throughout the United States, individuals and couples make the wonderful decision to grow their family. For many, the desire to adopt a child is strong. But due to a well-perpetuated myth, many prospective parents believe that it will be faster, cheaper, and easier to attempt an international adoption rather than to pursue an adoption in the United States.

    While there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to build a family by adopting internationally, Adoptions From The Heart wants prospective parents to be fully aware of all of their options and to dispel the myth that domestic adoption is nearly impossible.

    In fact, every year, 18,000 infants are adopted in the United States every single year. In more than half of these cases, the adoptive family is matched with their child within 6 months and overall, the majority occur in under a year. Typically, depending on the desires of the birth mother and prospective parents, the two groups meet several times prior to the adoption and discuss their level of openness regarding remaining in contact in the future.

    Adoptions From The Heart which has been open since 1985, assists what they call the “triad” – birth mothers, prospective parents, and the children. Through their agency, pregnant women are able to obtain medical care for both mother and child, supportive counseling, and assistance in choosing an adoptive family. Prospective parents are also given access to support groups, information on financial assistance, and provided with the resources needed to complete home studies. They are also allowed to create their own profile which can be previewed by birth mothers who are seeking to chose the family their child goes to.

    The Pittsburgh, PA office is offering an online webinar for anyone who is interested in learning more about domestic adoption. This webinar will take place on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. The webinar will be lead by a social worker who will be available to answer any questions that attendees may have. Registration is required and can be done on the adoption agency's website.

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