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    Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society Partnerships With AdvoCare

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    Recently the Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society (PASTS) and AdvoCare, maker of high performance sports nutrition announced a partnership. PASTS announced that AdvoCare will be their official sports performance and nutrition partner.

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    AdvoCare is a nutritional product line that offers people with active lifestyles solutions for high performance. AdvoCare recently announced the partnership with The Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society as their official sports performance and nutrition partner. According to Patrick Wright, Vice President of marketing for AdvoCare the growing company is focused on world-class nutrition and high-performance supplements to not only such professional organizations but to each and every AdvoCare consumer. Through this prestigious partnership, AdvoCare is dedicated to better educate athletic trainers and players in all aspects of high performance nutrition.

    The collaboration between AdvoCare and the Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society brings together leading soccer medical care professionals and a world class health and wellness company for the purpose of providing high quality performance and nutritional products for professional soccer players.

    AdvoCare is backed by scientific proof in providing first rate nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products.

    AdvoCare offers a huge variety of products including a product line specifically for bodybuilders known as Performance Elite. However AdvoCare’s extensive product line is not just for soccer plays and bodybuilders as the product line up offers specific products for anyone looking to support a healthy lifestyle.

    The Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society encourages and promote the consistent application of the most advanced knowledge and techniques of the science of athletic training in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries to professional soccer players and to enhance the personal and professional development of its membership.

    AdvoCare states that the partnership between The Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society and AdvoCare International is a positive reinforcement for the health and well-being of professional soccer players. This partnership brings medical care professionals and quality health and wellness products together which provide soccer players a high level of nutrition allowing the utmost performance

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    We believe this partnership between our highly dedicated group of medical professionals and Advocare, a company that truly cares about our athletes, will mutually be beneficial. The exchange of information and ideas about nutrition and performance between out organizations will ensure our athletes are provided the very best products to reach their maximum potential, both on and off the field.
    - Nik Wald, President of the Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society.
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