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    Red Earth Naturals introduces the best squirrel proof bird feeder available.

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    Red Earth Naturals has just released their new, unique bird feeder. This window-mount bird feeder has birds coming right up to the owner’s window. Made with quality acrylic it’s not only sturdy, but completely see-through so any bird lover can watch birds eat and play right from the comfort of their home. While completely accessible to you and the birds, the unique window-mount leaves this bird feeder inaccessible to squirrels and raccoons so your bird seed will never be stolen again!

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    The best squirrel proof bird feeder to come out in years has just hit the market. With it’s unique design and affordable price it’s a great gift for almost anyone, especially bird lovers. This see-through bird feeder mounts on the window of an individual’s home, allowing them to see the birds eating, bathing, and playing without leaving the house. This is perfect for children, bird watchers, or anyone who is disabled or unable to leave their home often. It brings a bit of nature right to the home, allowing anyone to bird watch freely without binoculars or stepping a foot outside.

    Pesky squirrels and raccoons tend to steal bird seed when a feeder is hung on a tree or a post, but with this bird feeder that worry is eliminated. The unique window-mount ensures that critters like squirrels won’t get into the feeder and steal the seed, or worse, destroy it. It’s easy for these animals to climb into a bird feeder when it’s hanging from a tree, but a window isn’t easy for animals like squirrels or raccoons to climb up, leaving this bird feeder safe.

    Available on Amazon, this bird feeder sells for under twenty dollars making it the perfect gift idea. Not only is this a great gift for kids, grandparents, and bird enthusiasts, it’s also a good gift for those people we like to give a gift of thanks to around the holidays like teachers, hairdressers, or mail carriers. The price makes it both affordable and practical. A free ebook explaining how to attract rare birds to feeder's is included with each purchase.

    About: Red Earth Natural’s is Laura Ramirez’s brand. Laura is the creator of the squirrel proof, bird watcher’s bird feeder. Red Earth Naturals was created in June of 2013 and is a brand dedicated to providing natural products for clean living. This bird feeder can be purchased now on Amazon: The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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