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    Russell Bruce Announces Launch of New Music App: MusicMagnet

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    Russell Bruce announces announced his plans for the launch of his new app, MusicMagnet.

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    Russell Bruce, a lifelong entrepreneur and music aficionado, has just released a statement on his next venture: launching a music app that will channel music fans around the world to one other. The app will recognize one's musical interests and tie them to people around them with similar interests.

    He has lived a life in which music leads his daily motions. His passion for music stems back to when he was just a child, listening to the adults' 70's classic rock. His brothers led very successful lives, stringing him along to every breathtaking party America's social elite was dancing and singing at. Russell can still hear the sound of Merle Haggard, Chris Christopherson, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings when he thinks of his dad, brothers, and those colorful parties.

    He feels the music run through him when he thinks of the first live performance he ever saw: Lorette Lynn at the Opryland. Mr. Bruce still sees her moving through the stage, swinging her guitar back and forth.

    Russell asks music fans if they remember the first albums they ever bought? Russell's were Bob Seger’s Night Moves, Charlie Daniels’ Miles of Reflection, and an American classic, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Street Survivors. These albums take him back to a time where he was sixteen, driving down the highways in his 1972 Dodge Dart to every rock show in the area- they were all classics! Imagine seeing KISS, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, Iron Maiden, Vanhalen, Scorpions, Jimmy Buffett, and so many more, live!

    By seventeen, he was moving on to 80’s rock. Motley Crue, Poison Ratt, T & T, Tesla, and Bon Jovi (which had a very influential hairstyle he copied) were some of the few he would roll into town blasting. This is probably Russell's favorite era, since he was able to grow up in the very heart of it.

    Near the end of this time, he moved to the West Coast, a few new things were just making their entrance into the world, namely coffee shops and the Internet. Russell decided to venture into opening his own coffee shop in Seattle, adding the best ingredient of them all- music. He had steady lineup of acoustic performers come in and give the shops a cool and comfortable feel, taking everyone in the shops to the days of Peter Paul, Mary Simon, and Neil Diamond.

    From coffee shops, he moved on to sports bars. Russell partnered with a good friend of his and added the live-music component, which continued to forge the way for him in the future. He opened a Blues venue and Miami nightclubs, which hosted several great musicians. Those memories make him think back on how lucky he was to have had performers and musicians like that in his life.

    It’s Russell's turn to connect together those who love music as much as he does. He is launching a new app to help link those that have similar interests in music to one another.  Now, one can enjoy being connected to artists, producers, and fans worldwide on Russell's own stage!

    Russell looks forward to meeting music fans at his next venue, MusicMagnet!

    Read more about Russell and his projects: http://www.russellbrucemiami.com/

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    Now, it’s Russell's turn to connect you to those who love music as much as he does. He is launching a new app to help link you to those that have similar interests in music as you do. You will be connected to artists, producers, and fans worldwide on your own stage! He looks forward to meeting you at his next venue, MusicMagnet!
    - Russell Bruce
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