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    Success, Without Hard Work, Means Nothing to International Entrepreneur Julie Solomon

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    Solomon is an International speaker, property expert, property trainer and business owner. She has become an absolute beast in business and dominates in all aspects of her career.

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    It was only when Solomon headed the advice of her business coach and implemented the strategies of Branding and Branding by Association, did her business really take off.

    Julie has now been featured in both national print media and TV and has spoken on stages around the world on a range of topics relating to personal branding, branding for business and entrepreneurship.

    Solomon spoke to an audience of over 2000 at an event in Orlando, Florida, USA late last year, sharing the stage with many big name celebrities and businessmen, about the importance of living your passion and building a sustainable business.

    When she interviewed on stage in front of a live audience of 1500 people, Randi Zuckerburg, the former marketing manager for FaceBook, she caught the attention of a promoter and has been offered further speaking and Master of Ceremonies engagements in the UK and the USA. Julie’s down to earth style, energy and passion captivates and drives home her message to an enthusiastic and engaged audience.

    As MC at the Money Wealth Business two day event in August this year, Julie was hailed as the best MC they have ever had.

    Solomon also coaches home owners to unlock their investment equity to build their millionaire property portfolio through seminars, workshops and 1 on 1 coaching.

    Now with 30 year’s experience in property and having been personally involved in over 2 Billion in property sales, Julie’s wealth of knowledge is highly sought after….. but what is next?

    Solomon has been invited to MC the international business event, Mega Success, to be held at Disney World California in November this year. The event is expected to attract over 2500 entrepreneurs from 52 countries.

    Solomon’s success with branding her business has led to her being approached by other entrepreneurs to teach them to do the same, making her an expert in the field of Branding. This has opened another new business and income stream to add to her business portfolio.

    Julie’s passion, drive, energy and desire to assist others to grow their wealth through property ownership fuels her inspiration and passion and she truly believes that any dream is possible as long as people believe in themselves, and have the drive and determination to succeed.

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