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    The 5 Success Habits of High-Performance Business Teams

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    New book just released discusses the habits of successful high-performance business teams.

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    Author and speaker Chris Alexander, M.A., has just released his 9th book on Amazon and Kindle. Alexander’s latest book, “Synergy Team Power”, demonstrates the financial, emotional and social value of teamwork and service.

    According to a 2013 Gallup Poll, disengaged employees cost the US economy $500 billion per year.  This lack of employee engagement is causing a major drag on the economy. According to Alexander, “There are people who don’t want to go to work, because of poor leadership… but they have to.” He continues, “Motivating employees through fear is an extremely poor and primitive method and research demonstrates that quality, performance and service all suffer, resulting in billions of dollars lost.”

    “Synergy Team Power” discusses that while some companies are struggling, smart leaders are thriving, creating jobs and building businesses by taking it one step further and committing to engaging their workforce by building high-performance teams forced on a shared destiny. Alexander, who is founder and president of Synergy Executive Education, discusses in the book the 5 success habits of high-performance business teams. He labels them: Building Trust, Right Mental Attitude, Make it Fun, Be a “First-Giver”, and Be a Synergist.

    There are stories, examples, anecdotes, and checklists that have grown out of the many years Chris Alexander has worked with high-performance business teams. “These stories are about real people who have found a way to create satisfying, fun jobs, and at the same time, build safe, secure, and highly-profitable work environments.” He says he has written this book in hopes that it will resonate with his readers on a personal and professional level, and recognize the important role all of us play in creating emotionally secure, profitable network environments that assist in developing a sustainable and enriched workforce.

    Besides being an author, Chris Alexander is an award winning business building strategist, professional speaker, and has 2 PBS TV shows titled, “Creating Extraordinary Joy”, and “Joy in the Workplace”. His Synergy programs have been implemented worldwide by many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofit organization, and educational institutions.  He has advanced degrees in Organizational Behavior and is an expert at building high-performance business teams focused on a shared destiny.  Chris Alexander can be reached at 949-586-0511, [email protected], www.SynergyTeamPower.com

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