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    The Leader In Lenticular Printing Technology, Optigraphics Wins Gold

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    The industry trade association Promotional Products Association International, or PPAI, has presented Optigraphics with Gold in 2013 for its revolutionary printing technology, WaterReveal. This technology was recently used by Kraft Foods in a Rolling Stone magazine advertisement for MIO.

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    Optigraphics, the industry leader in lenticular printing technology, has been awarded Gold in the Special Processes Category, by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). The Special Processes Category is a component of the PPAI's Suppliers Achievement Awards and Recognition Program, which recognizes creativity, craftsmanship and graphic arts, and was awarded to www.optigraphics.com/water-reveal-printing for its superior WaterReveal technology, used by Kraft Foods in a March 2013 print advertising campaign.

    Since the company's beginning more than four decades ago, Optigraphics has been developing lenticular printing technology that allows advertisers to captivate their audience and stand out from the crowd. The company offers conventional printing services, as well as UV printing, prepress and finishing services. Optigraphics' focus lies in developing printing technology that stands out and gets results, something that 3D lenticular printing has become renowned for and which marketers have become increasingly attracted to.

    Brad Bartlett, Optigraphics' President commented on the technology's capability to eclipse mere innovation, "Water-activated promotions aren't just exciting innovations, they're an effective marketing techniques with proven results." In March 2013, www.optigraphics.com/lenticular-printing revolutionary printing technology WaterReveal was showcased in water-activated promotions by Kraft Foods and the results spoke for themselves. Kraft Foods used the patented WaterReveal technology for print advert placements in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and People, to announce the brand's then new MIO flavored drink. As far as results were concerned, the brand reported a 7 per cent increase in shelf sales in the six-week period after the advert placement.

    WaterReveal is just one of the technologies that www.optigraphics.com has developed in its 40 years in business. The company has dominated lenticular printing standards, research and development, since its beginning in 1970, and sets the industry benchmark in dimensional and special effects printing and imaging. The company has in-house lenticular experts who ensure the very highest quality imagery is produced. Other revolutionary special effects printing from Optigraphics in the Reveal series, includes ScentReveal technology, ScratchReveal, ThermoReveal and LightReveal.

    The PPAI was established in 1904 under the name the Advertising Manufacturers Association, and now has over 10,000 member companies who have enrolled for the industry trade association membership. Bartlett says, "Optigraphics is extremely proud to have been awarded this achievement as it is testament to our commitment to creating innovations that deliver results for brand activations."

    As the marketplace becomes more competitive, marketers have become more interested in full motion, 3D, holographic imagery in order to compete for consumer attention. Bartlett says the reason 3D lenticular printing has become so popular is because the eye is drawn naturally to objects that move, rather than stationary objects and with more products competing for consumer desire, those that take advantage of lenticular printing, are sure to get the attention they want.Contact Info:

    Full Name: Brad Bartlett, President Email: [email protected] Full Address: 2929 N. Stemmons Frwy, Dallas, TX 75247 Phone: (800) 662-2813 Brand Name or Company Name: OptiGraphics Brand or Company Website: http://www.optigraphics.com

    Social Media Twitter Username: https://twitter.com/optilenticular Facebook Page URL: https://www.facebook.com/optigraphics LinkedIn URL: http://www.linkedin.com/company/optigraphics Google+ URL: https://plus.google.com/+Optigraphics-printing RSS URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/lenticular-printing

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    Brad Bartlett, Optigraphics' President commented on the technology's capability to eclipse mere innovation, "Water-activated promotions aren't just exciting innovations, they're an effective marketing techniques with proven results."
    - Brad Bartlett
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