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    The Texas Tamale Warehouse having a Christmas Blowout

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    This tamale shop in Fort Worth, Texas, is having many sales occurring during the Holiday season

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    The Christmas season returns and the Texas Tamale Warehouse has prepared for it: they have free shipping on many of their combos, and they have $1 or more off every dozen.

    First of their combos: the “Holiday Gift Pack of Gourmet Tamales” includes five dozen tamales in total: one dozen each of pork, beef, chicken, black bean and cheese, and 1/2 dozen of cinnamon, raisin apple and sweet pumpkin.

    The “Super Party Pack” contains six dozen tamales in total: two dozen pork, two dozen beef, and two dozen chicken; however, it also does have one green salsa with avocado (for obvious dipping reasons).

    The “Combo Grande” is next on the list, containing twelve dozen in total: four dozen pork, three dozen beef, three dozen chicken, and two jalapeno cheese. This does come with one brick of chili for pouring or dipping.

    The "Cinco de Mayo Combo" contains six dozen tamales: 1 dozen Pork, 1 dozen Chicken, 1 dozen Beef, 1 dozen Jalapeno Cheese, 1 dozen Habanero Pork, and 1/2 dozen each of Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Raisin Apple Tamales. This also comes with sixteen ounces of GuacaSalsa.

    Celebrating the football season in unison, the Warehouse has also prepared the “SUPER BOWL Party Pack”: this contains two dozen Pork, two dozen Beef, two dozen Chicken tamales, and one GuacaSalsa. Better still, anyone can substitute GuacaSalsa for chili, with no extra charge in doing so.

    Last but certainly not least, the "Texas Christmas Party Pack" contains one dozen Pork, one dozen Beef, one dozen Filet Mignon, one dozen BBQ, a four-pack of five-ounce Big Tex Pork Tamales, 1/2 dozen Sausage Potato Tamales, 1/2 dozen Sweet Mexican Pumpkin Tamales, one Brick of chili, one Guacasalsa, and a 2014 Texas Calendar.

    These combos have free shipping regardless the order size. Add to this that there is $1 or more off for every dozen of tamales purchased, and this could be considered a Tex-Mex deal fit for the Holiday season for anyone throughout the Lone-Star State.  To avoid missing out: visit their website at www.thetexastamalewarehouse.com

    Lee Harper The Texas Tamale Warehouse 3000 Galvez Ave.  #200 Fort Worth, TX  76111 (888) 825-4113 http://www.thetexastamalewarehouse.com [email protected]

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    Lee Harper

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