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    The Unspoken Truth About Clutter New Home Organizing Course Addresses Current Overwhelm Concerns

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    News flash: news about hoarding, over consumption and overwhelm in America isn’t news. It’s pretty much everywhere. Often dominating the conversation today. But for those willing to take action, their present outlook and situation can change. Dramatically. And often quickly. Especially in their home. Look no further than recent events noted here as proof: http://www.HomeOrganizingMadeSimple.com

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    San Diego, CA— A recent search on Google revealed over 30 million searches for clutter. Then pile on the number of articles, blog posts and social media attention that over consumption, clutter and hoarding has generated and it’s no wonder even the most organized among us can feel overwhelmed. Or confused. And in many cases, not understanding the whole story behind our possessions and why they frequently end up possessing us.

    Kathi Burns, CPO® has invested both time and energy investigating those very answers. After 12 years of experience in the professional organizing industry, she has seen the real solutions that stand the test of time.

    Clutter affects every area of our life. When we have too much stuff, we are often distracted, unable to focus, or have the ability to make good decisions. It also robs us of precious hours every day as we shuffle through items searching for what we lost. According to this expert, the amount of possessions we own is also directly linked to our capacity to change.

    Kathi believes there are 3 keys to finding success in getting and staying organized and they are the reasons she has designed these strategies to be delivered along with steps to take in bite-sized chunks in her new Home Organizing Made Simple Program:

    1. Short and sweet steps = actually gets things done, one by one. We are all too busy! The last thing we need when we decide to de-clutter is another book to clutter up our bookshelf or more words to clutter up our brain. One of the reasons so many fail to get and staying organized is that big de-cluttering projects take a lot of time. Home Organizing Made Simple delivers a new lesson every week designed to help students take action without feeling overwhelmed and gridlocked.

    2. Finding a good balance between getting organized and living a "regular life" helps us succeed long term. When we are trying to organize and that's all we're focusing on, it seems like many of the other parts of life get lost in the chaos! What is really helpful is a weekly "here's what you do next" action step to complete with motivational images to keep us going like this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia6uzrHHVcE&feature=share&list=UUuTcp5DjqOvAQY136jYGXqg What we also need is for someone to show us how to quickly get started and then keep motivating us week after week so we don't get stalled along the way. By breaking up the course into a room-by-room process, there is a peace of mind that we can get organized, and enjoy life even at the same time.

    3. Create the "organization" habit. Research shows that if we add a dramatically new strategy into our life and try to take out bad habits "cold turkey" style, we're more apt to going back the that bad habit with even more vengeance! Home Organizing Made Simple begins by having us take a deep look into how we became cluttered to begin with. Only after we understand this, can we begin to make better decisions and learn how to use our ‘letting go’ muscle for the rest of our life.

    Kathi has identified several success factors as a result of getting your home in order. Here is a sample of the powerful success factors driving today’s professional organizing industry.

    Success Factor #1: Your home will be organized. You will no longer have to search for things that you own.

    Success Factor #2: You will save money. You will never again buy duplicate items that you already own but could not find.

    Success Factor #3: You will have more time. Being organized saves 42% of average housework.

    For the entire free training video about how to get organized and get 4 more hours out of each day in 2013 and how a disorganized person can immediately benefit, go to: http://www.addSpaceToYourLife.com/sq2

    The Get 4 More Hours Out of Each Day Video is available for a limited time at no cost via immediate download.

    For media inquiries, please visit http://addspacetoyourlife.com/media-room/ for immediate download of the Home Organizing Made Simple media kit.

    To arrange for an interview or an expert professional organizer quote please contact Kathi Burns, CPO® at 760.840.9997.

    Kathi Burns, CPO® has over 12 years of experience in the professional organizing industry. Her company, addSpace To Your Life! has been recognized by Good Morning America as a successful woman owned business. Kathi Burns is a member of NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers. Her advice appears frequently in publications such as Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, and Better Homes and Gardens. addSpace To Your Life! is headquartered in San Diego, CA and has empowered thousands of clients over the years.


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    he last thing we need when we decide to de-clutter is another book to clutter up our bookshelf
    - Kathi Burns
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    Kathi Burns, CPO®

    (760) 840-9997


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