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    Local Toronto Mortgage Agent David Imer Helps First Time Home Buyers During Changing Market

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    David Imer, local mortgage agent with Dominion Lending Centres-Expert Financial, helps first time home buyers understand the home buying process as well as obtain low interest rates mortgages. David explains how the recent changes by the Federal Government impact first time home buyers.

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    Toronto, Ontario – March 4, 2016– The Federal Government has recently made big changes in order to control the demand for higher cost properties in major Canadian towns, including Toronto and Ontario. Beginning February 15, 2016, an increased down payment is needed on proprieties above $500,000.

    The government elected to make this change in order to stabilize property prices. According to local Toronto mortgage agent, David Imer, this should not have a significant impact on first time home buyers.

    Additionally, Imer noted this will not impact condos, only houses, as condos are below the $500,000 threshold.

    David Imer, a Mortgage Agent with Dominion Lending Centres-Expert Financial, focuses on working with first time home buyers to understand current market trends. His brokerage assists individuals who are in need of residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, and equipment leasing and financing. Imer also offers an Employee Mortgage Benefit Program to employers at absolutely no cost to them. This program allows employees to receive low interest rate mortgages that they otherwise would not be able to obtain on their own.

    When first time home buyers work with Imer, they are provided with a Home Buyer’s Guide free of cost. The Home Buyer’s Guide helps first time home buyers understand the process of obtaining a mortgage and purchasing a home in the ever-changing market. In addition to this, the guide provides a list of recommended professionals to use throughout the home buying process.

    When buyers secure a mortgage with Imer, he pays up to $250 of their legal fees. Through a proprietary low interest rate mortgage product line coupled with member training, technology, and a leading edge company, Imer and Dominion Lending Centres-Expert Financial are the best equipped to serve homeowners in fulfilling their home ownership dreams.

    Consumers in the market for a new home or those who would like more information about the current market trends, contact David today.

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    I don’t think the change will have a big impact since property listed in Toronto and Vancouver are not on the market very long. The properties are priced appropriately based on these respective markets.” Imer said. “This will only impact first time home buyers if they elect to purchase a property over the $500,000 threshold
    - David Imer
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