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    Tractor Trailer Overturns on Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia Injuring Two

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    An overturned tractor trailer on the Ben Franklin Bridge sent two people to the hospital with injuries.

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    Rush hour is almost never a pleasant experience for anyone and twice a day, this time on the road can bring out the worst in some drivers. More accidents happen during both the morning and evening rush hour than any other time.

    When feeling pressured, drivers may be tempted to speed, tailgate, and drive aggressively. Then there are other drivers who fall into a totally different category because while they may be more patient, they are also bored and may be tempted to use their cell phones, read, watch TV, apply makeup, eat, or drink while behind the wheel. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents and those accidents usually aren’t minor fender benders. Instead, rush hour accidents frequently leave behind a path of destruction including seriously injured victims.

    Some of the most common serious injuries include broken bones, deep lacerations that cause extensive, life-threatening bleeding, burns, spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. It can take weeks, months, or even years for the injured to obtain some sense of normal living and they may never be able to live their lives the way they did previously. On top of this, these injuries may leave the victims with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

    Just recently, during the early morning weekday commute, two people were seriously injured in an accident on the Ben Franklin Bridge on the Philadelphia side when a tractor trailer overturned on the bridge, blocking nearly all of the inbound lanes. The victims were taken to a local hospital and it took nearly four hours for crews to clear the lanes.

    Although victims have the right to pursue legal action, studies have shown that Philadelphia residents are more likely to get the compensation they need if they work with a personal injury attorney. This is because car accident law is intricate and there are strict timelines that must be adhered to when filing.

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