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    Trisha Barnes Places 2nd in 5k Marathon 8 Months After Scoliosis Surgery

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    Trisha Barnes, a Middle School Teacher in Vidor, Texas recently ran a 5k marathon just 8 months after spine surgery for Scoliosis performed by Dr. Richard Francis, Founder of Spine Associates in Houston and Beaumont, Texas. Diagnosed with Scoliosis in Middle School, she is now a testimonial to the power of positive spirit, determination and will power.

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    Trisha Barnes, a 30 year old school teacher in Vidor Texas provides direct encouragement for others facing an upcoming back or spine surgery. After being diagnosed with Scoliosis as a young teen in middle school and suffering with the effects of this debilitating disease for almost two decades, Barnes has bounced back and become a “Patient Ambassador” with Spine Associates and is now helping others to manage their fears and concerns prior to surgery.

    Barnes survived her teen years without having to undergo surgery but when she was 21 years old she finally had to have spine surgery. Unfortunately, that surgery only corrected part of the problem. In 2015 Barnes found Dr. Francis, Founder of Spine Associates in Houston and Beaumont Texas. Dr. Francis confirmed Barnes’ spinal curve had progressed 10 degrees over the last 8 years and she would now require another surgery to extend the fusion down to her Lumber Spine.

    Barnes, a 7th Grade Science Teacher at Vidor Junior High School, has faced adversity most of her life but has never let it hold her back. Having an abnormal curve in her spine as a child never prevented Barnes from participating in Dance Classes, being on the school Drill Team and chasing her passion for running. Barnes took up running as a hobby years ago and has participated in several 5k and 10k runs, a couple Half Marathons, and has even won medals for placing in her age division on multiple occasions. Barnes successfully ran a 5k marathon just 3 months after her spine surgery and has praised Dr. Richard Francis, her spine surgeon, for his experience and expertise as well as his strong encouragement for her success.

    Well, Barnes has now done it again. Only 8 months after her spine surgery Barnes recently ran in another marathon and came in 2nd Place. Barnes often considers how different her life would be if she had just let the curves in her spine continue to progress and had not chosen to undergo surgery. It’s obvious now of course that her decision to go ahead and have the surgery was exactly the right call. Fortunately for Barnes, having Dr. Richard Francis with his years of expertise has changed her life for the better.

    Barnes’ advice for others is to take their diagnosis very seriously. Listen to their doctors and consider all their options. Know that Scoliosis does not have to define who they are and recognize that with proper treatment they can successfully live a normal life after scoliosis surgery.

    Scoliosis, a disorder most frequently found in young girls aged 8 through their early teen years involves having a C or S shaped curve in the spine. With mild Scoliosis, regular checkups to monitor the continuing curve of the spine are necessary. As the disease becomes more severe, a brace for the spine or even surgery may be required. Once the spine has become curved with Scoliosis, the shoulders, waist and hips become out of alignment due to the bones in the spine becoming somewhat rotated. This spinal abnormality usually causes the body to lean to one side to compensate for the curved spine.

    Spine reconstruction surgery is a specialized form of surgery performed by exclusively trained surgeons who have extensive knowledge of disorders and conditions associated with the spinal column and spinal cord. Over the years spine reconstruction techniques have advanced and presently the techniques involve the use of cutting edge technologies such as robot-assisted spine surgery. Usually patients with a major deformity or misalignment of the spine require complex spinal reconstruction surgery involving correction of the abnormal curvature and stabilizing the newly shaped spine with rods and pins and fusion of vertebrae.

    Dr. Richard Francis has become one of the true leaders in scoliosis and spine deformity care and treatment ‐ for women, men, and children. He is also one of the few surgeons in the nation that performs scoliosis revision surgery and reconstructive surgery on children and adults who have had unsuccessful treatment in the past. Dr. Francis also prides himself as one of the first surgeons in the nation asked to perform the artificial disc replacement and to use robotic assistance in spine surgery. The recent addition of Mazor Robotics surgical guidance system is just another example of Dr. Francis’ leadership role in seeking out and adopting advanced technologies that place additional options on the table when deciding on the best course of treatment for each individual patient.

    Dr. Richard Francis has been in practice for over two decades and currently has offices in Houston and Beaumont, Texas. For further information please contact Spine Associates at PH: 888-977-4625 or Visit the website at http://myspineassociates.com/

    Dr. Richard Francis and the Spine Associates Team are ready to answer the toughest questions related to back and neck pain, surgical treatments, non-surgical treatments and more. No question is too simple or too complicated. To submit a question to one of the physicians at Spine Associates or to request an appointment, simply go to “Ask the Doctor”.

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    “I wasn't expecting to place in a Marathon Run at all, just so grateful to be running! I came in 2nd in my age division. I hope other patients worrying about having spine surgery can find some encouragement in this.”
    - Trisha Barnes
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