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    Tyler Hot Tubs and Spas Dealer Shares 3 Healthy Living Habits For The Holidays

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    Best Swim Spa Dealer in Tyler TX, Publishes Holiday Health Guide. Offers Free VIP Hot Tub and Portable Spa Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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    East Texas Spa, a hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving Tyler, TX publishes “Three Easy Healthy Living Habits to Maintain to Survive the Holidays in Good Shape.”

    “The first thing on most people’s minds when thinking about holiday health issues are overeating and lack of exercise. Those are two of the biggies, to be sure, but they aren’t the only problems,” said Randall Glaske, president of East Texas Spa. “A third problem is dealing with the stress of traveling, shopping, extended family members, huge crowds and finding a way to make everyone happy.”

    Here are three easy healthy living habits to maintain that will help the whole family survive the holidays in good shape.

    Start Shopping Early – Most of the time, people plan to begin shopping for friends and family early and get it done before the big rush in the last few weeks, but life interrupts the good intentions and at the last minute, they are faced with traffic jams, crowds and long lines. Sometimes people wait until the very end to do their shopping because they think they will get better deals on the presents their friends and family want the most.

    The problem with waiting for sales is that many of them are false leads, prices that are marked up in order to mark them down, or in limited supply so that very few people actually get the big discount. In the mad rush to get the items needed at the fabulous prices, people push, shove and scream at each other. Not only does that negate the real meaning behind the holidays, it isn’t very good for the blood pressure either.

    Start planning and shopping early. If there are a few presents that still need to be purchased at the last minute, or if there is something special that comes up, it won’t be nearly as hectic to get those few items as it is to shop for an entire group of friends and family.

    Deal with Imperfection – One of the biggest stress inducers of the holiday season is the need to make everything perfect. Whether it is a menu plan or the decoration, or entertaining a crowd for a party, the stress involved can get out of hand quickly.

    Remember that the people coming to the party, gathering or dinner are there to enjoy their time with friends and family. Sometimes, the little imperfections can make the event even more memorable.

    Treat Friends and Family to a Relaxing, Resort-Style Party with a Tyler Hot Tub – Set the temperature to a relaxing level and get the bubbles going for a festive and fun party that everyone will remember by hosting a holiday hot tub party. Hot tubs make great party places with their soothing, warm and relaxing atmosphere that people are drawn to.

    Have plenty of extra suits on hand and let partiers know ahead of time so they can bring their own. Have food set up around the perimeter, and turn up the volume on the built-in stereo or television for extra fun and excitement. Not only will it be a party everyone talks about for years, it is a great way to relax and really enjoy the holiday season.

    To celebrate the holidays, East Texas Spas is inviting local residents to take a free test soak to check out all the benefits of relaxing in a hot tub for themselves.  A VIP test soak includes gourmet chocolates and a glass of champagne that can be enjoyed while experiencing the many benefits of a soaking in a Hot Spring Spa.  VIP test soaks are by appointment only and can be scheduled after hours with a 48-hour notice.

    People wanting to learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub are encouraged to visit the company website and pick up a copy of this free hot tub buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed”. Just go to http://ILoveMySpa.com  or call 903-238-8021.  Consumers wanting to find the East Texas Spa location nearest them are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.

    About East Texas Spa East Texas Spa has been selling, delivering, and servicing the World's #1 Brand of Portable Hot Tubs- Hot Spring Spas®- since 1985. Great service, great selection.  Since they typically maintain an inventory of over 100 hot tubs, customers will not find a better selection anywhere in the ArkLaTex.

    Along with the best-selling therapeutic Hot Spring® Spas & Hot Tubs, they also carry the popular Hot Spot® Spas and the exciting line of FreeFlow™ Budget Hot Tubs. Used, refurbished, demo, and secondhand spas are sometimes available, so be sure to check out their "Used Spas/Saunas" page often to find a great deal.

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    The first thing on most people’s minds when thinking about holiday health issues are overeating and lack of exercise. Those are two of the biggies, to be sure, but they aren’t the only problems.
    - Randall Glaske, president of East Texas Spa
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