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    William Jessup University Opens New Chemistry Lab To Meet Growing Demand

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    The new Gandy Chemistry Lab is now open to William Jessup University students, thus paving the way to address a growing demand for workforce-ready graduates in key health and scientific fields.

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    Thanks to a $375,000 donation from the Gandy family in Lincoln and a matching one from the Los Angeles-based Hugh & Hazel Darling Foundation, a new chemistry lab opened at William Jessup University in September, filling a need for more lab space. Not only will it aid local students, but it will be a boon for local employers seeking qualified and trained graduates, according to school officials.

    The new Gandy Chemistry Lab is now open to students, thus paving the way to address a growing demand for workforce-ready graduates in key health and scientific fields. Demand for science-based lab courses has more than doubled at William Jessup since 2014, according to the university.

    George Stubblefield, the university’s natural and applied sciences chairman, said the expanded science division paired with the new lab will improve William Jessup’s ability to prepare students for graduate school and ultimately the workforce.

    The new multi-purpose, fully funded 1,000-square-foot lab doubles the university’s current lab space while incorporating additional workspace for lab managers and assistants. The university now offers biology, kinesiology, environmental science and computer science curriculums.

    The new space includes four new fume hoods and complete “smart room” capabilities with fully supplied air, gas and a vacuum. More water accessibilities will be installed in the future.

    Anticipated research projects include ongoing biological and cultural research on bacterial fungus, water quality studies and research into microbial biodiversity on the Pacific Crest Trail, according to a news release issued by the university.

    The new lab was made possible by a donation from longtime university patrons Craig and Cheri Gandy and a matching grant from the Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation, represented by Linda and Richard Stack.

    The foundation’s contributions also played a significant role in growing the university’s footprint by financially supporting the university’s Media Lab in 2013. That facility was outfitted with 20 Apple computers and other technology to help students collaborate on projects and group assignments.

    Craig Gandy, a former coach of the Jessup golf team, decided with his wife to donate toward the chemistry lab because they wanted to give monetarily to an area with the most urgent need, he said.

    The new chemistry lab, officially dedicated Sept. 8, has already received rave reviews from both students and professors.

    Stacey Roddick, a junior at William Jessup, said it seemed like every program she looked at before enrolling required science classes that had been impacted by limited lab space. Roddick stated that she feels blessed to have flexible lab time and receive the one-on-one attention she desires due to the smaller class sizes.

    Also, Jessup athletes and other students participating in extracurricular activities, who were previously pressed to squeeze in lab time and courses due to practice, games and travel commitments, now have greater flexibility to complete mandatory tests and projects.

    The new lab will also allow the university to expand offerings to the Allied Health pre-med students who need a large number of lab hours in anatomy, physiology, chemistry and microbiology. This pleases prospective employers, including Sutter Roseville Medical Center chief executive officer Pat Brady.

    Of particular interest to Brady is the emphasis on the biological sciences, which will lead to highly trained members of the future workforce in the health field. He is pleased that William Jessup is producing students with strong values and high expectations to excel.

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