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    Dr. Richard Francis & Spine Associates are all Settled into New Offices

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    Houston Spine Surgeon, Dr. Richard Francis, Founder of Spine Associates in 2003 and his staff are all settled into their new office space. They now occupy the entire 6th floor at 9301 Southwest Freeway, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77074 and have all the extra facilities needed on the same floor for their patients including X-Ray Rooms, several Exam Rooms and Physical Therapy space.

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    Renown Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Dr. Richard Francis, Founder of Spine Associates recently acquired new office space at 9301 Southwest Freeway and has finished all the build out to fully accommodate all the needs of his patients in one location. This Comprehensive Spine Center offers everything under one roof, including Fully Staffed Physical Therapy Facility, Diagnostic Imaging Center for MRI, CT scans and X-Rays in addition to the new Procedure Suite for International Patient Management.

    No more sending patients to other facilities for X-Rays, Physical Therapy or additional treatments. Everything is conveniently located at the same place. The new space is considerably larger and is designed for the comfort of patients waiting to be seen. It has a very accommodating seating area with a large flat screen TV, up to date magazines, a totally modernized and fully stocked coffee bar and a charging station for universal smart phones and tablets.

    All the most modern technology and equipment has been set up and installed. The On Site Physical Therapy Facility has all the newest equipment and with the full staff can assist several patients at once. Almost every room in these new facilities has a TV type Monitor so Dr. Francis or his Staff are able to show patients their X-Rays, treatment options and other information necessary.

    Spine Associates offers a comprehensive review of MRI studies or MRI reports to prospective patients at no obligation to the patient. Dr. Francis will review a patient’s MRI scan and note each condition, its cause and severity. Dr. Francis’ assistant will contact the patient to discuss the findings. Dr. Francis is a fellowship-trained, board-certified spine surgeon and has extensive experience treating the spine. Spine Associates offers accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment for a variety of spinal conditions. Access the MRI REVIEW Submission Form HERE.

    Since founding Spine Associates in 2003, Dr. Francis has built a considerable reputation by maintaining a conservative approach to treating all spine conditions in both children and adults. He has made it his goal to stay at the forefront of technology, yet maintain a personal connection with patients and their families. All patients are offered an appointment to see Dr. Francis within 3 days of their initial call and in some case a same day appointment if necessary. Patients are personally seen directly by Dr. Francis at every single visit.

    Dr. Francis and his staff at Spine Associates emphasizes the value of conservatism. Many spine conditions can be resolved with non-operative care and surgery as an option is only considered after exhausting all other reasonable forms of more conservative treatment options. Spine Associates has spent decades building solid, long term dependable relationships with numerous health care specialists including teams of neurologists, physiatrists, and other pain specialists to assure high quality and timely delivery of patient care. Dr. Francis prides himself as one of the first surgeons in the nation asked to perform the artificial disc replacement and to use robotic assistance in spine surgery.

    More about Spine Associates….

    THEIR MISSION is simple: To give each adult and child the best of themselves. Every time!

    THEIR VISION: To always be the benchmark for excellence in spine surgery and to always provide cutting edge technologies and treatments that change lives and restore function.

    THEIR VALUES: timeliness, teamwork, quality of care and conservatism. Spine Associates Treats all types of neck and back pain issues including:

    Conditions Treated 1. Back and neck pain 2. Failed back syndrome 3. Degenerative disc disease 4. Annular tears 5. Herniated disc 6. Spinal Stenosis 7. Radiculopathy 8. Osteoarthritis 9. Neuropathic pain 10. Sciatica 11. Spondlyolisthesis 12. Coccydynia 13. Headaches 14. Phantom limb pain 15. Shingles 16. Post herpetic neuralgia 17. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy/Complex regional pain syndrome 18. Cancer pain

    Treatments for Spine Pain 1. Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and peripheral spinal cord stimulator trials 2. Lumbar percutaneous discectomy 3. Lumbar rhizotomy 4. Epidural steroid injections, cervical, thoracic and lumbar 5. Transforaminal epidural steroid injections 6. Epidural lysis of adhesions 7. Cervical and lumbar facet blocks 8. Medial branch blocks 9. Sympathetic nerve blocks 10. Botox for migraines 11. Sacroiliac joint injections 12. Occipital nerve blocks 13. Lumbar discogram 14. Lumbar biaculoplasty 15. Hardware injections

    Spine Associates has also developed a unique Patient Ambassador Program designed to match new patients directly with former patients in order to calm the fears and concerns frequently experienced by new patients. This incredible program provides a personal one-on-one opportunity for the new patient to better understand all of what takes place before, during and after their upcoming surgery process. There is nothing quite as helpful as hearing all the facts from someone who has recently been in the same position!

    For further information or to CONTACT Spine Associates for a Consultation Please Call 888-977-4625 or 713-383-7100 or Visit the Website at www.myspineassociates.com.

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