#1 Key to Improving Product Listing, Selling On Amazon Revealed by Expert


Bradley Sutton discusses the importance of understanding customer desire and how using software like Helium 10 can help Amazon sellers create successful product listings in a new video presentation by Amazing.


Austin, TX , Aug 06, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazing continues to offer advice on how to sell on Amazon, with a new video addition to its YouTube Channel. The video, titled EASY Amazon Listing Hack To Increase Sales And Attract More Customers, features Bradley Sutton, from Amazon software platform Helium 10, who shares insight and advice to sellers when creating product listings.

More information about Amazing's training and videos can be found at their official website, https://www.amazing.com/.

Amazing is a platform that gives voice to professionals who have something important to say about their experience in the e-commerce and Amazon marketplace. With years of experience between them, the experts at Amazing release a series of videos that review a range of educational topics, advice, and encouragement that illuminate hidden techniques of Amazon selling success.

Jason Katzenback, spokesperson for Amazing, says, “We were happy to feature Bradley’s presentation, which was met with great praise, at our annual conference, SellerCon, this year. We are constantly adding to our lineup of speakers, featuring interviews and presentations by leading experts in the field of Amazon FBA and eCommerce business. Helium 10 is a really impressive platform, and we are happy to be associated with the great work that they are doing, helping and showing sellers how to make money on Amazon.”

In Amazing’s latest video, Sutton emphasizes a key tip to having a successful online business. He strongly believes that Amazon sellers need to “get into the heads” of their potential customers in order to be successful.

Understanding emotional attachment, wants, and needs are all important factors for Sutton. This seems like common sense, but Sutton outlines ways in which businesses can effectively find methods to understanding why buyers are looking for specific items.

Getting to the core reasons why an Amazon product sells successfully is critical, says Sutton, when creating a product listing. As Amazon business becomes more competitive, “sellers need to be more open to strategies that will get into the heads of the customers,” he says.

Those interested in learning more about selling on Amazon should visit Amazing’s official website, YouTube Channel or the Helium 10 official website.


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