123Employee Virtual Assistants Can Help Business Owners Make Money As They Sleep


Daven Michaels, New York Times Best-Selling Author, is on a mission to
teach entrepreneurs how to work on their businesses, not in their businesses, by learning how to leverage virtual employees. Continue reading

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Jul 10, 2014 /prREACH/ -- A surprising number of entrepreneurs who claim to be business owners actually fall into the category of being self-employed.

The distinction is clearer when one has a professional practice, such as a Dental Clinic or Chiropractic Practice. New York Times Best Selling Author, Daven Michaels, is of the opinion that more than 98% of business owners are actually ‘self-employed’. He goes onto explain that if a business owner is busy working in their business as the center of the business, then this is really being self-employed. Through his company 123Employee, Daven has been helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap towards being business owners.

In a professional service business, where the owner is the service provider, this is an obvious dilemma that would require a complete redesign of how the business is run in order to free up the business owner’s time. However in cases where the businesses are not owner-centric, Daven has an easy fix for business owners who work 60 to 80 hours a week in their business. Determined to change this national entrepreneurial dilemma, Daven is about to undertake a six city – eight week tour, hoping to reach and teach thousands of entrepreneurs how to better delegate and work with virtual employees to achieve greater success and get their time and hence their lives back.

In Daven's best selling book, Outsource Smart, he shares the very principles that helped him create a series of financially successful businesses in a wide range of industries, including businesses like fashion clothing, owning a retail boutique on Los Angeles’s famous Melrose Avenue, producing hit music, being a pioneer in the live electronic music industry, owning and selling a successful paging telecommunication business, owning a successful voice broadcasting business, and many more. In addition, Daven shares his secrets and strategies for not only working with virtual assistants, but how to utilize and train them to become marketers and rainmakers for any business.

As founder and CEO of 123Employee, a premier outsourcing service provider established in 2005, his focus is helping entrepreneurs with marketing and customer support related tasks. Despite managing over 400 employees situated on the other side of the world, Daven lives an incredible lifestyle and continues to make time to pursue his passion for creating music and writing and producing content for TV and films. For most people traveling around the world, living and working from some of the most exotic locations is just something to dream about, for Daven, it is part of his lifestyle.  Those interested in obtaining more information about this topic, or, scheduling an interview with Daven Michaels, please call 866.549.1296 or e-mail [email protected]

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