2 Person Picnic Backpack Meets Consumer Demand for Portable Options

  • Date: Jun 05, 2019
  • Category: Family

Picnic trends suggest consumers want to access more remote locations for picnics. Frux Home and Yard’s 2 person picnic backpack provides a comfortable and portable option for luxury remote picnicking.


Jun 05, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Picnicking remains a popular summer activity for couples and families. Current trends suggest that people are looking for portable picnic options that allow them to access more remote and natural areas. Frux Home and Yard’s 2 person picnic backpack allows users to carry all picnicking requirements comfortably and easily.

Frux Home and Yard, a company offering superior home products, have responded to this shift in consumer behaviour towards more portable and remote dining experiences, with a removable picnic cooler bag and insulated wine/bottle holder. These features allow users to remain confident that refreshments will stay at an ideal temperature for longer periods of time.

A spokesperson from the company comments, “We have recognized recent consumer demand for comfortable and more portable options for picnicking. Our insulated picnic cooler bag with a picnic wine set provides users with a deluxe picnic experience whilst still allowing for easy and comfortable access to even very remote areas. Our 2 person picnic backpack is ergonomically designed, made of high-quality materials, and extremely comfortable to wear.”

Frux Home and Yard has all picnic needs covered with their picnic cooler bag. The all inclusive picnic pack includes four dining sets, wine glasses and stands, a waterproof picnic blanket and insulated compartments for food and drink. The backpack itself has soft padded shoulder straps with an ergonomic shape that provides superior lower back support. This allows users to comfortably hike for hours to access ideal and remote picnic locations.

One happy customer reports:

“Love, love, love this picnic backpack! I do a lot of hiking and it is perfect. For everything that’s inside of it, it is surprisingly light. The straps are adjustable and super soft and padded, exactly what you want if you are going to be hiking or traveling anywhere on foot. It has everything you could possibly need for four people to eat and drink. Compared to what else is out there, this is definitely the best price and quality wise. The blanket inside is really comfortable and soft, and the drink area and large compartment are also insulated to keep your food and beverages fresh. I was not expecting my water to stay cold after two hours in the sun, but sure enough, it was! There's nothing like having cold water after hiking for hours.”

Enthusiastic picnickers seeking portability and comfort can find more information on the picnic wine set and other products at Frux Home and Yard’s official website or their Amazon storefront.


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