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    2014 is Year of the Author Publisher – Tami Patzer: Six Big Whys to Write a Book

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    Business Growth Strategist and best selling Amazon Kindle author Tamara “Ask Tami” Patzer has created Instant Author Academy to help professionals and business people create a authority platform as author publishers. To find out more, contact Tamara Patzer at [email protected] Visit: www.facebook.com/groups/instantauthoracademy

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    (PRReach -- December 26, 2013) Englewood, FL  —  Business Growth Strategist and best selling author Tamara “Ask Tami” Patzer has created Instant Author Academy to help professionals and business people create a  authority platform as author publishers. Prior to opening the academy, Patzer is looking forward to 2014 and calls it the ‘Year of the Author Publisher.’ “2014 is a big year for the entrepreneur, and creating authority platform is hot on any bucket list starting January 1,” says Patzer, who offers six big whys to write a book in 2014.

    Authority “A hot buzz word in 2014 is authority,” she says. “It is the number one reason business people and professionals should consider writing a book. A book can improve the bottomline of a business: period. The very word ‘author’ implies expertise,” Patzer explains. “For thousands of years, books have been the coveted source of knowledge and information. Having a book is the ultimate symbol of expertise.”

    Instant Credibility Instant credibility is the second reason to become an author. A book is a compilation of information and it eludes that its author is a credible source because it has been published in a tangible form whether it is digital or printed.

    Revenue The third benefit of creating a book is revenue. “The revenue may not come in the form of royalties,” Patzer says, “Most of the time, revenue increases from new business generated from speaking engagements, referrals and getting more and better clients and customers.”

    Media Access Media access is the fourth benefit of authorship. Being an author publisher open doors to media coverage via traditional methods including print, broadcast and online opportunities via blogs, digital formats and even live online broadcasts. “Watch this coming year to be full of new broadcast programs using Google Hangouts and live streaming events. Patzer explains, “Technology is making it easier to build a solid authority platform.”

    Educational Marketing Benefit five is educational marketing. “People don’t want to be sold to, but they want to learn about new things, methods and get actionable information,” Patzer says. “It is possible to sell without selling.”

    Multiple Streams of Income Another huge takeaway or the sixth benefit is creating multiple streams of income. “Think multi-purposing,” Patzer says. “For every word written can be turned into multiple products such as video, audio, Kindle books and other information products.”

    “Instant Author Academy has been two years in the making,” said Patzer. “I have partnered with Dr. Kristina Blasen to create the ultimate training, support and accountability platform for author publishers who want to grow their businesses.” Dr. Blasen has written more than 10 books and has case studies showing how she started and grew her online authority platform to to thousands of readers and reviewers.

    Instant Author Academy is the foundation for a solid understanding of the current state of building authority today. It is for experts, professionals and business owners to learn how to write, create, publish or promote books. Patzer offers an example of the types of people who might benefit from creating a book or books. These professionals may include: financial advisors, attorneys, mortgage brokers, CPAs, Realtors, personal and spiritual growth teachers, consultants, coaches, corporate training, membership association professionals, doctors, any medical professionals, holistic practitioners. “Anyone with knowledge about a topic can benefit from writing and publishing a book,” Patzer says.

    To find out more, contact Tamara Patzer at [email protected] Visit: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tamarapatzer and www.facebook.com/groups/instantauthoracademy

    About: Tamara “Ask Tami” Patzer is the author of “Ask Tami” A Logbook of 365+ Social Media Tips, Tricks and Tools,” and Amazon Best Seller “Ask Tami: Pinterest for Local Business.” She is the creator of Total Audience Market Immersion, an online internet marketing system used by professionals, experts, authors and small businesses to create massive online footprints to maximize their business growth. She also created Local Leverage for membership associations to enhance their non dues revenues. Contact: Tamara “Ask Tami” Patzer 941-421-6563

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    “A hot buzz word in 2014 is authority. It is the number one reason that business people and professionals should consider writing a book. A book can improve your bottomline: period."
    - Tamara "Ask Tami" Patzer
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