6 ft HDMI Cables That Enable Fast Connection Ethernet For High Speed Data Transfer


Herman Pro has introduced premium 6 ft. HDMI cable that will allow the transfer of digital video and audio with a single cable. This CL2 rated HDMI cable is gold-plated to ensure higher-quality transmissions.

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Mar 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Miramar, FL: Herman Pro has introduced premium 6 ft HDMI cable that will allow the transfer of digital video and audio with a single cable. This CL2 rated HDMI cable is gold-plated to ensure higher-quality transmissions.

The company has been a leading name in the US consumer electronics repair industry. With the popularity of HDMI cables growing every day, Herman Pro has launched a new range of premium HDMI Ethernet cables in different lengths.

According to the company, a number of factors make these RELM HDMI 6 ft. cables different from other generic cables in the market.

The HDMI high-speed cable provides transfer rates of up to 10.2 GBPS while supporting 4k videos, including Full HD 1080p, 3D, Ultra HD (4k and 2K), and 48-bit deep color. This is an all-in-one Ethernet cable that makes it easy to share internet connections between multiple devices. That means users can enjoy digital audio and HD video combined into a single cable. No separate Ethernet cable is needed. It significantly expands bandwidth up to 10.2 GBPS while supporting a wide-angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio.

This high-speed HDMI cable offers a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience. It delivers 3D, clearly perceptible and positional audio experience to the users. It also enables a high-resolution sound transmission such as DTS HD and Dolby True HD. These cables are 24k gold plated to ensure that no data or quality is lost during transmission. Herman Pro’s 6 ft. HDMI cables are compatible with all HDMI devices such as Fire TV, Blu-ray players, Apple TV, PS3, PS4, HDTV, PC, laptops, projectors, Xbox 360, Xbox One, MacBook, and many more.

Ever since its launch, these RELM HDMI cables have been getting incredible reviews on Amazon, the world’s largest online e-commerce portal. One happy reviewer, Tyler Mitchell, wrote, “I was on a hunt for a good quality HDMI cord. I came across this at the perfect time! This is by far the least I have spent on a product like this and has to be my favorite!”

Another satisfied customer, Barbara, writes, “I have to admit that I am a little skeptical about the differences between cords and cables. But this one has me convinced. When I plugged this cable in, not only did I discover a much sharper and clearer picture, but the line across my screen was gone too! If you need an HDMI cord, this is the one. And the 6 foot length is very convenient if you need a little extra length from your accessories to your TV.”

Herman Pro HDMI cables have been a bestselling product in the Audio & Video Accessories category of Amazon, with hundreds of positive reviews pouring in ever since the launch. This RELM HDMI 6 ft cable offers unmatched versatility and convenience by integrating video, audio, and the internet into a single HDMI cable. It works for any Smart TV as well.

About the company

Herman Pro has been a prominent name in the electronics repair industry since 1963 and now, they have successfully ventured into the HDMI Ethernet technology.

They have made sure their newest innovation, premium HDMI Cables, meets the latest Ethernet standards. Gaming enthusiasts and movie lovers across the world can choose from their vast range of HDMI cables on Amazon.

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