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    A Dog Life Jacket from Cross Peak Products could be a Lifesaver

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    Everyone should have a fun summer, but also be safe. Dog life jackets are a necessity for dogs spending time by the water.

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    Cross Peak Products, an online store for dog owners passionate about sharing the outdoors with their dogs, now carries a variety of high-quality dog life jackets to help keep dogs safe and secure in and near the water.

    While some dogs are comfortable near the water and are great swimmers, not all dogs are. And even water dogs can get panicked if they suddenly find themselves in the water due to a fall or a miscalculated leap. A dog life jacket will help keep a dog afloat until a rescuer is able to safely retrieve them. A dog life jacket is also ideal for dogs participating in water therapy after surgery or an injury.

    The dog life jackets from Cross Peak Products are easy to put on and adjust to obtain the right fit. The jackets come in bright colors and have reflective strips that enhance a dog’s visibility in the water. All dog life jackets at Cross Peak Products are designed with a quick-grab handle on top, making it easier to pull a dog to safety.

    Smart design allows for easy cleaning, drainage and drying, and helps prevent heat exhaustion and chaffing. Some dog life vests come with a d-ring to easily attach a leash.

    Cross Peak Products also offers dog life jackets with head support, also known as a dog life jacket with chin float. This type is a great life vest for dogs that need a bit of help when swimming for longer periods of time. The head support helps keep a dog’s head up when retrieving toys or sticks from the water and helps keep water out of a dog’s nose and face.

    Proper fit is an important consideration when purchasing a dog life jacket. Cross Peak Products carries dog life vests for dogs of all sizes and provides complete sizing information on its website. For their safety, dogs should never be left unattended while wearing a dog life jacket. They could chew the life jacket if bored, become entangled in the straps if they try to escape, or become overheated in high temperatures.

    On the boat, near the pool or at the beach, a dog life jacket from Cross Peak Products can help dogs enjoy water adventures for a lifetime.

    About Cross Peak Products

    Cross Peak Products is a family-owned company offering innovative dog gear for all outdoor activities and traveling. www.CrossPeakProducts.com is dedicated to consumers’ complete satisfaction and to assisting them in taking pleasure in wonderful, fun-filled adventures with their dogs.

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