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    Abrasives South Launches a New Website

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    Abrasives South, an abrasives fabricator located in Charleston, South Carolina, recently launched a new website centered around ecommerce.

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    Abrasives South, an abrasives fabricator located in Charleston, South Carolina, recently launched a new website centered around ecommerce. They offer a full range of abrasives products to include narrow and wide belts, discs, sheets, specialties, bonded abrasive wheels, superabrasives, non-woven belts and wheels, automatic equipment, cleaning equipment and supplies, high energy finishing systems and much more. With the launch of the new website businesses will be able to buy directly from Abrasives South in an efficient manner, while still receiving the same quality and service synonymous with the Abrasies South name.

    Businesses will be able to select the size, type, and other important details they would like when purchasing products from the new website. Abrasives South has taken this approach because they have noticed a significant uptake in business to business sales when it comes to ecommerce. A study recently done by Shopify says that business to business ecommerce dominates business to customer by over $5 trillion. The website was also built from the ground up with mobile in mind. The store is fully functioning and easy to use on any mobile device. Abrasives South realizes that mobile is the future and wanted to be ahead of the curve with their new website. Whether a person is an expert looking to improve an abrasive application, an operator in the field, or a buyer, Abrasives South strives to ensure customers placing orders is smooth business. A customer can choose from a unique set of tools on the website to help their shopping experience or simply call, chat, or email and the customer service department will help every step up of the way.

    A few of the resources built within the website include the Custom Belt Generator, which lets the user create a customized belt as per their specifications, a Grit table grading system defines the grit size using a table comparison of the European grade ā€œPā€ and the American grade called Cami.

    The American grading system called Cami is not used as widely. Cami is identified by just the number (24 coarse- 1200 super fine). The difference is that the Cami grade is coarser than the P grade in coarse grits and finer than the P grade in the finer grits. The comparison chart is used to help transition and use between the two systems. The website also includes a separate page that explains industry terminology and helps one figure out everything about abrasiveness.

    The new website can be accessed at https://www.abrasives-south.com

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