Abs After 40: Review Examining Mark Mcilyar’s Workout Program Released


Abs After 40 reviews have been flooding the Internet and HealthAvenger.com reveals the truth about this workout for ‘oldies’ that not only gives them awesome abs but also can actually prolong their life.

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Feb 17, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Abs After 40 claims to be a tailored workout for oldies that not only targets fat loss, but, if followed properly, can also see them sporting abs and muscles as good, if not better, than guys half their age. This has caught the attention of HealthAvenger.com’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

"The Abs After 40 review shows it is a workout program for guys who are creeping up to that half century milestone and beyond. It also provides nutrition information and works with, not against, the differing hormone production that occurs as the years pass by,” reports Stevenson. “What the program will give them is a way to start dropping that stubborn belly fat, and if they’re really dedicated, they too could get that great six pack. But even if they don’t get that far, dropping the paunch is not only going to make them look good and feel good, but it also has an amazing effect on their health as well.”

Abs After 40 is split into 3 phases: Fat Loss Jumpstart, Male Hormone Optimization and Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode. Phase 1 is all about restarting the body’s ability to burn off fat. The reason it doesn’t is because from the mid 20s, the production of testosterone begins to decline. As this happens, the ability to burn fat also declines. Phase 2 is all about getting the testosterone production in the body back up to the levels it used to enjoy. Phase 3 is all about seeing all the hard work begin to take effect. Thanks to the powerful optimization methods, once the hormones are truly balanced, fat loss efforts will really begin to speed up and those much sought after abs really can become a reality.

“This program is specifically designed for guys aged 40 and beyond. It works on the main cause of why they gain that belly fat as they age – the decline of testosterone. Only by working on this first does it give the body the ability to burn fat in the correct way, so men can drop that belly fat,” says Stevenson. “This is an all-natural way of increasing testosterone production, which means it’s 100% safe. No dangerous things such as testosterone replacement therapy are needed. The workouts look after the joints. Lots of nutrition advice is included. Because nutrition and working out for the perfect body go hand in hand.”

“The best thing about Abs After 40 is that men really can put a halt to this aging process. Being over 40 or 50 (or 60 or 70) really isn’t the end of the body beautiful. They really can enjoy the body they had 20 years ago, and can really can get rid of that awful paunch that makes them look 10 years older than they really are. If they’ve got the will, then this workout will certainly show them the way. This workout and nutrition program that is designed for and only for older guys does exactly what it promises.”

Those wishing to purchase Abs After 40, or for more information, click here: http://healthavenger.com/go/AbsAfter40/

To access a comprehensive Abs After 40 review, visit http://healthavenger.com/abs-after-40-review

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