Addiction Services Partnership To Revolutionize The Addiction Recovery Process

  • Date: Oct 16, 2015
  • Category: Health

Grey Matters International announces an innovative partnership with that will revolutionize the approach and implementation of addiction treatment.

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Oct 16, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Celebrated neuroscience specialist Dr Kevin Fleming, CEO of Grey Matters International, today announces a strategic partnership with a noted addiction recovery expert, creating a new model of executive addiction treatment to serve individuals looking to bring about meaningful change in their lives.

Dr. Fleming will partner with eminent recovery advocate Madeleine Herron an experienced life coach, addiction specialist and owner of The website is an informative platform offering professional insights, the latest research and a comprehensive directory of substance abuse practitioners and treatment facilities.

Bringing years of experience in the fields of psychology, behavior management and neuroscience to the partnership, Dr Fleming will fulfil the role of expert contributor. His unique approach to facilitating behavioral change and achieving better mental health has received international acclaim; working with top CEOs, politicians and sports stars around the world. Dr Fleming’s innovative service combines clinical research with non-traditional methods of behavior management, addressing decision-making and thought patterns as the roots of change.

For her part, Ms. Herron has worked with individuals overcoming addiction for the past ten years, acting as an advocate on behalf of recovering addicts and their families. A thought leader within the field, Ms Herron maintains a popular blog and website, providing information, advice and insights from professionals within the fields of substance abuse, addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

Seeking to de-stigmatize individuals in the grips of addiction or making the transition to clean living, Ms. Herron utilizes a multi-faceted approach to recovery, tailoring treatment to each client depending on their needs. The personalized service allows clients to take control over their recovery, supported by Ms Herron’s expert assistance, for a greater chance of achieving lasting sobriety. Dr Fleming will support Ms Herron with his broad knowledge and the proven efficacy of his innovative methods.

About Grey Matters International

Dr. Fleming's company has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Fortune Magazine, Fox News and has received critical acclaim from Faculty members at both Harvard Medical and Business Schools. Fleming has keynoted to members of the Cabinet for the King of Jordan, coached a White House cabinet member, as well as worked with a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

Established in 2008, Grey Matters Inter‎national's attractive appeal to distinctive clients has grown over the years, expanding its services to 5 continents, with numerous clients seeking the unique blend of clinical acumen and executive-friendly cultural awareness. Dr. Fleming, a three time Notre Dame graduate, was compelled to take his education in clinical psychology and revolutionize his field, noting that over medication, trite motivational mantras of coaching, or mere endless therapy sessions was not doing much to transform people. Making his organization what he calls a "second order change" company, Dr. Fleming constantly challenges the assumptions behind the current world of "pseudoscience" bringing truth again to the forefront of the helping professions.

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Dr. Kevin Fleming


“Personal development is the key to achieving success; it’s possible to make progress in all areas of your life when you address the underlying decision-making processes responsible for behavioral and thought patterns. Working within the area of addiction for many years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people at all stages of the recovery process and help them overcome addiction by identifying, exploring and taking control of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors." Underpinning addiction are often a number of factors; simply addressing the physical side of recovery with chemical balancing fails to tackle the underlying issues or disorders that plague many addicts. I am excited to announce this professional partnership and look forward to contributing years of industry experience and expertise to helping individuals achieve the positive change they seek.”
- Dr. Kevin Fleming
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