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Jul 07, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Alpha Film Locations is a company which has years of experience with finding commercial and private properties to serve as film locations for TV and movie producers. The company has recently launched a brand new website which aims to make the process of finding the right Los Angeles film locations even easier.

The website itself has a very modern look and is easy to navigate and use. There are no unnecessary information, fields, or buttons which makes it easy for visitors to focus on what they are after. Upon visiting the website, users notice the search box where they can enter exactly what they are looking for. This could be a modern, commercial, residential building or something else.

Customers can also search for a specific zip code to find all the properties in a given area for thier Los Angeles film locations. Users can also browse all locations manually by navigating the categories which include studios, colleges, farms, parks, industrial, residential and other types of locations. Beyond that, each category is divided in subcategories to make the browsing even easier.

Each listing on the website offers many high quality photos of the location in order for clients to be able to decide whether it is suitable for what they need or not.

Alpha Film Locations also offers various crew parking locations which allows visitors to find a parking lot within 3 miles of their film location and easily map directions.

Visitors to the website will also be able to find necessary vendors for their projects. The website offers vendors for layout boards and mats, lift rentals, animal rentals, security and more.

Visitors who are unable to choose the film location that they need can also request a location by filling out a simple form. This process allows Alpha Film Locations to take into consideration the client’s budget, desired location type, crew, cast size and other special requirements in order to be able to recommend the best film location.

People who would like to list their property as a film location can do so at The website offers visitors the chance to not only list their property as a film location but also list their parking lots and become vendors. All of this is made easy by the simple forms implemented on the website.

Every visitor of Alpha Film Locations’ website can register for free and monitor his or her locations, mapped locations and projects.

The comprehensive list of services that Alpha Film Locations offers make them stand out from the competition. They have revamped their website and their revolutionary search engine for Los Angeles film locations is easy to use and has quickly gained popularity in the industry.

One of the main core values of the company is customer satisfaction and this shows in their work. Alpha Film Locations go out of their way to make sure the client is always happy. The list of satisfied TV and movie producers using Alpha Film Locations is growing rapidly. Their website is available at

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