Amazon Business Leadership Highlighted in Keynote Presentation by Expert


Amazing has released a keynote presentation by its CEO today on its YouTube channel, focusing on business leadership and entrepreneurship.


Austin, TX , Jul 02, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazon sellers seeking help accelerating and growing their existing business on the expansive marketplace can find effective solutions in a thought-provoking, actionable keynote presentation by a known leader in the Amazon business space. The presentation, titled Stop Running Your Business and Start Leading It, released on the company's YouTube channel today. Focusing on business leadership and entrepreneurship, it conveys strategies and inspiration Amazon sellers can implement to take their brands to new heights.

Jason Katzenback, CEO of Amazing--one of the world's largest companies dedicated to Amazon business training--delivered the keynote presentation at the company's annual conference, SellerCon, last week to more than two thousand attendees. Amazing is now pleased to announce that it has released the presentation, viewable for free, on its YouTube Channel.

"Last week, this presentation got extremely positive feedback and SellerCon attendees found the information relayed accurate, relevant, and useful. We are a group of Amazon experts, but we are business owners first and foremost. We understand the nature of the game that is entrepreneurship, and want to help Amazon FBA businesses win. This presentation focuses on how already existing Amazon businesses can regain ownership and their vision, utilizing specific strategies to start leading and impacting the world!"

Katzenback has taught tens of thousands over the last decade on all aspects of entrepreneurship and Amazon businesses. Many of his students have learned how to sell on Amazon and have become wealthy, a large part of their success attributed to Katzenback and Amazing's training, the company states.

"There's such excitement when you first start your business. Anticipation of financial freedom, hope, and seeing the future in a positive light. You get your business up and running, and things start to take off. But then, as it happens to most of entrepreneurs, things start to become stagnant. Maybe you've got things started but you can't get any traction. It's a common problem, and really what we want to do is help guide business owners to stop getting caught up in running their businesses and start leading," continues Katzenback.

According to the presentation, there are three top reasons why businesses fail. Outlined in a clear, easy to follow conversational style, business owners can learn how they can start leading instead of running their businesses today.

Amazing offers a wide range of training for Amazon sellers of all levels of experience. As an authority company in the eCommerce educational space, it is gearing up for the introduction of its new course, Amazon Accelerators, to be live next week.

For more information on Amazing's training courses, visit its official website. To view the keynote presentation by Katzenback today, visit its YouTube Channel.



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