Amazon FBA Coach, Shane Oglow, Launches New Website to Elevate Online Sellers


Shane Oglow is happy to share his insight and services on his newly launched website aimed at entrepreneurs ready to reach the next level of Amazon business success.


Vaughan, ON, Aug 07, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Shane Oglow, a highly sought after and well-respected figure in the e-commerce world, is happy to announce the launch of his brand-new website to share his wisdom and help entrepreneurs ready to reach the next level of Amazon business success. The website offers a variety of professional services provided by Oglow such as Amazon FBA one on one coaching for those motivated entrepreneurs looking to optimize their business and generate wealth.

Visit Shane Oglow's new website at

Oglow has been selling online full-time since 2013 when he started his first private label brand on Through his successes and experiences with Amazon FBA, Oglow is now recognized as a leading thinker in e-commerce. His passion and expertise have naturally led him into a mentorship role. "Through the brands I own, manage and have partnered on, including representing leading international brands, I can effectively guide the development and expansion of your Amazon business with leading-edge strategies and tactics."

Oglow and his dedicated team offer an impressive list of services designed to cater to driven entrepreneurs at any level in their business. "I can help you during any stage of your Amazon private label journey, whether you are just learning about this incredible opportunity or an advanced seller looking to break through to the next level,"

Services on Oglow's website include the following:

Coaching for individual Amazon sellers and small businesses: Best suited to those who have not yet started their business and those who are making less than $50,000 per month in revenue. This includes how to avoid the pitfalls and money traps that new sellers often fall into, leverage years of experience, tricks, hacks, connections, and resources, and set business goals and achieve them.

Brand building and ranking on Amazon and search engines: Tested strategies that have evolved over the years to launch and rank products on Amazon as well as SERP rankings. Includes how to use content to build a long term brand that Google will love, drive high-quality backlinks to online pages, cross-promote other products and build a long term keyword domination plan on and off of Amazon.

Product sourcing, shipping and supply chain management: Working with Oglow's logistic partners allows instant access to a reliable and experienced partner from sourcing through to delivery. Save time and money by going to the source. Get in-depth knowledge of material, sciences and unique product development, product protection with Chinese trademarks as well as learning shipping and storage strategies.

Managed Services: An Amazon FBA management service, Oglow's team of experts takes over the stress of day-to-day management. This entails diagnosing profitability, fully optimizing listings, PPC management, content marketing, Amazon Posts management, streamlining inventory and fulfillment processes as well as increasing perceived value to drive up conversion rates.

Growing up in a small town in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, Oglow is well aware that big success often starts small. "It takes time, drive and determination to succeed! I am offering a step-by-step system where I identify your strengths and weaknesses, set specific targeted goals, then guide you through thick and thin to achieve them."

Oglow's accomplishments reach far beyond the world of Amazon. He is also the president of prREACH, the world's first video press release company. His successes have been highlighted on, the CW, Associated Press and Authority Magazine. He has been a featured presenter at the European Seller Conference, Sourceii Summit Virtual Events and SellerFest Lithuania. He has also been a noted guest speaker on podcasts, including "I Know This Guy," by Norm Farrar, "The Professor's Podcast," by Howard Thai and "Seller Sessions," by Danny McMillan.

For those interested in additional information about Shane Oglow and his proven strategies to optimize Amazon private label businesses, please visit the official website at



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