Amazon FBA Sellers Can Get Sustainable Sales Success, Says Expert Video


Amazing, a leader in the Amazon business training space, releases new video to its YouTube series, showing how data and an understanding of consumer tendency can lead to successful product launches and sustainable sales.


Austin, TX , Jul 16, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazing, a trusted leader in Amazon FBA business training, has released a new video that offers advice for Amazon success using a data-driven, humanized launch method. The video, titled Top 4 Reasons You're Struggling To Get Sustainable Sales On Amazon, is part of the company’s free educational video series on YouTube.

The company says that tips for selling on Amazon often omit essential information for Amazon sellers who would like to see more immediate growth with their businesses on the expansive marketplace. By taking traditional business methods and implementing new techniques, Amazing’s latest video reveals that an understanding of customer bases and an active approach to trends and desires is indispensable when releasing a product.

Jason Katzenback, CEO of Amazing, states, “This new video outlines the mistakes that Amazon sellers, experienced or novice, make when launching a product. We believe that sellers need to be constantly crunching the data, but they also need to understand exactly what people are searching for when they go to buy a product. Sellers need to step back and ask, ‘is this something that people are going to look for, and continue to look for?’”

An in-depth look into the needs of consumers complements a healthy Amazon FBA business, says Katzenback. Amazing stresses that it is not just enough to let a product sit on Amazon, and in their opinion, Amazon business owners cannot expect products to sell themselves. The company emphasizes that an active approach needs to be taken from the very second a product is launched.

One method Amazing’s video series professes is the need for human context around each product. The company points out that, while the technical dimensions of any product are important, potential customers need to be shown how a product will complement their lives in a qualitative way.

“This is a new turn in the trajectory of businesses, big and small. These videos show how to shift your businesses from hobbies to vehicles for success, and an understanding of how to use data to get to the human element seems to drive this success,” says Katzenback.

Amazing is soon launching its newest course, Amazing Accelerators, which is advanced training designed specifically for businesses already selling on Amazon. To supplement this upcoming course, Amazing has also just launched a free, three-part webinar series for brand owners who sell on Amazon, available on its official website.

Those interested in learning more about Amazing’s videos, as well as its new free webinar series and upcoming Amazing Accelerators course, can visit its YouTube Channel and official website for more information.


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