Amazon FBA Training Video from Shopkeeper Features Shane Oglow


A recently released e-commerce training video from Shopkeeper featured noted Amazon FBA expert and prREACH President Shane Oglow. This is episode 32 of a video series titled “100 Ways to Promote E-commerce Products.”

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Vaughan, ON, Mar 06, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Well-known profit dashboard for Amazon FBA sellers, Shopkeeper, has recently released episode 32 of its video series, "100 Ways to Promote E-commerce Products." This video series comprises promotional tips, strategies and suggestions from some of today's most prolific e-commerce experts. In the video, Shane Oglow talks about promoting e-commerce products using Facebook. Oglow is a noted thought leader in the e-commerce space and the president of prREACH.

Shopkeeper is a profit dashboard for Amazon sellers operating in multiple Amazon marketplaces. It shows users vital data related to their sales, expenses and profits at a glance. Compared to other profit dashboards, Shopkeeper makes it effortless for users to quickly check their sales performance. With the help of Shopkeeper, users can identify issues that may affect their profits and act on them quickly. The company's founder, Paulina Masson, is a software developer, internet marketer, serial entrepreneur and successful Amazon seller.

Sharing his opinion about the use of Facebook ads for e-commerce promotions, Shane Oglow said that he has the experience of running Facebook campaigns that were successful and unsuccessful. He feels that the most difficult part about Facebook is that its algorithm keeps changing every six months. As a result, it is very difficult to scale. Therefore, investing $1,000 in Facebook ads does not necessarily translate to ten times the results compared to a $100 campaign.

"Never seems to work that way, certainly not for me. I have spoken with some of my friends who own big Facebook ad agencies, and they are saying the same thing. They find that scaling Facebook ads is not like scaling other things. There are other factors to consider," Oglow mentioned.

In addition to Shane Oglow, other successful e-commerce sellers to feature in this episode, including Michael Michelini of Cross Border Summit, Ryan Rigney of MasteryWithRyan, Kristina Mertens of Sermondo, Yinon Shiryan of Quantify Ninja, Patrick Lum of AsteroidX and many others.

To find out more about Shane Oglow, please visit his company's website.



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