Amazon FBA Video Shares Expert’s Proven Tips to Find Top Products


In a recently released YouTube video from Amazon training leader Amazing, experienced Amazon seller Greg Mercer has shared two extremely effective tips for sourcing high-quality products from overseas suppliers.


Austin, TX , Aug 20, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazing continues its tradition of sharing key business advice through its highly informative series of YouTube videos. A just released video by the company features Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout and a successful Amazon FBA seller since 2012. In the video titled Amazon FBA: 2 Game-Changing Tips for Finding High-Quality Products Overseas, Mercer discusses his proven techniques to find top-quality overseas suppliers in sourcing Amazon products.

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In the latest video tutorial from Amazing, Greg Mercer, founder of the popular Amazon FBA product research software, Jungle Scout, states that earlier in his career, he relied on Alibaba and other global sources to find different suppliers. However, he often found it difficult to understand the quality of these factories before starting to source from them. Inspection of samples weren't of much help, because naturally, every factory sends their best possible samples for evaluation to potential clients, says Mercer.

Mercer discusses how he has made use of U.S. Trade Data to find top quality suppliers and products. Freight forwarders are required to complete extensive paperwork while importing anything into America, he says, and The Freedom of Information Act allows every American access to this data. Utilizing this data, Mercer has formulated two highly effective techniques to find top quality overseas products and suppliers.

"This is my favorite way to to find a top-rated product on Amazon. It's all about taking the time to do your research," Mercer says. "Ninety percent of the time you're able to see what factory companies are purchasing their goods from and importing into the U.S. Using this data and research is an efficient method, as opposed to just sorting through all these online supplier marketplaces."

Mercer informs aspiring Amazon business owners that U.S. Trade Data can also be used to find out more about suppliers, including reviews of the products they manufacture. He says a credible manufacturer is one with consistent imports in the US for at least a few years.

For more information on Mercer's methods and Amazon FBA business advice, access the free training series available on Amazing's YouTube channel or visit its official website.



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