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Amazing has released a new YouTube video that helps guide businesses through product selection processes and product research, offering expert information on what and how to sell on Amazon.


Austin, TX , Jun 14, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Businesses seeking an updated guide on selecting the right products and learning how to sell on Amazon need not look further than Amazing’s recently released YouTube educational video series.

Amazing, a global leader in Amazon seller training, has performed in depth analysis and research on the Amazon marketplace in order to determine what consumers are buying, how vendors are selling products, and which Amazon product listings are most successful. While the number of items being sold and invented on the Amazon marketplace may seem insurmountable, Amazing has used this data to release an informative video for Amazon sellers, which outlines various criteria for the product selection process.

Jason Katzenback, spokesperson for Amazing, says, “Vendors might understand the process of selling a product on Amazon, but oftentimes they do not necessarily understand how to select the right product to sell. Product selection is one of the biggest struggles people have. Our experts are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the Amazon business space, and we are constantly keeping up to date with marketplace changes to provide the best training as possible. This video walks the viewer through our expert criteria and strategies for choosing an Amazon FBA product. It also talks about tools to use that help speed up the process, or how to select products manually.”

Finding firm ground to stand on in the e-commerce boom adds to the difficulty of product selection, which has always been a separate, and complicated, concern of businesses big and small. According to Amazing, the particulars of e-commerce should not be handled exclusively by the seller. Instead, those interested in learning how to properly select products should look to specialists to understand the criteria for selling profitably on Amazon.

Amazing’s core mission to provide trusted and viable information is reflected in its YouTube video series, led by its own specialists and experts. Focusing on a wide range of topics, from product research and selection to Amazon listing optimization, the series aims to help educate businesses effectively, leaving time to focus attention on marketing and promotion.

For more information about Amazing and its YouTube series, visit its official website or YouTube channel.


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