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    Annuity Investors Find Answers and Expert Analysis at FindAnnuityRate.com

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    With 2,000 U.S. insurance companies offering over 15,000 annuity products, investors can find it difficult to uncover competitive rates and discern the best options for their needs. FindAnnuityRate.com provides comprehensive analysis of the best annuity rates, with a free annuity comparison report designed to save investors time and money.

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    Newport Beach, CA – 3/01/16: It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that America is in the middle of a retirement crisis. For decades, workers expected to put in the required time with a company and then retire with financial security and a reasonable amount of comfort. However, the current market's volatility, both nationally and globally, when paired with rising inflation and low interest rates, has made it particularly difficult to rely on past retirement strategies. Investors have turned to annuities, which are generally considered, safe, secure and reliable, to plan for the future. However, it is no easy thing for an investor to find the 'perfect fit', when it comes to annuities. Today, over 2,000 insurance companies in the United States offer more than 15,000 annuity products. That insures a healthy competition between annuity providers, but can also cause confusion and insecurity. The website FindAnnuityRate.com was founded to address this problem, and now offers a free annuity comparison report to provide answers to a myriad of questions.

    The goal of FindAnnuityRate.com is to provide instant annuity rate comparisons, education and analysis with the ease of use and comprehensive data accessibility of the internet. Investors visit the platform and enter some basic information, and in return receive a thoroughly researched account of the United States Annuities Market. FindAnnuityRate.com identifies and compares the best annuity products and riders, accessing the most current and accurate information. The site then organizes and presents this information in a clear, concise report that educates potential investors not only on the benefits of each annuity, but also on any disadvantages that must be understood to avoid a misstep.

    According to Matt Villegas co-founder of FindAnnuityRate.com, choosing an annuity product is a complex and important decision. “There is an abundance of information about investment products out there today, but very few opportunities for investors to find help making informed decisions. The result of this process will directly impact retirement savings or investments, and the consequences of poor choices could be severe, both for families and the national economy.”

    When investors do not have the information needed to both compare annuity rates and contextualize the differences between products, Mr. Villegas suggests a ripple effect could be felt far outside an investor's direct circle. “As America's population ages, the financial well-being of workers, investors, retirees and families grow increasingly important and central to the overall financial health of the national economy. Badly constructed annuity products eventually lead to retirement savings shortfalls, which means more workers who cannot retire, and more households forced to reduce their standard of living, or rely on charity or the federal government.”

    FindAnnuityRate.com promises to provide a team of experts in annuity investments, who pair decades of knowledge and experience with the technological tools that allow for the analysis of thousands of annuity investment products in a very short time. In addition, the fact that FindAnnuityRate.com is an information-only site and does not sell annuity investments means the customer receives an unbiased overview of the options. The website also promises to pre-screen available opportunities, and only provide the best rates available in today's marketplace.

    For more information, or to receive a free annuity comparison report, visit www.FindAnnuityRate.com, or email [email protected] For more information on social marketing and online public relations firm prREACH, visit www.prREACH.com.

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