Artist Humongous The God Gives Cash To University Of Toronto Students


Artist Humongous the God recently wanted to help the community and organized a free cash give away. He videoed the event and shared this through his Instagram page. He is proud to announce that the video has now received in excess of 400,000 views and has gone viral.

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Jan 02, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Music artist Humongous the God has recently conducted a free cash give away for the University of Toronto's swim team. This happened at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre in Canada. The kind act was fully documented on Instagram (@gdhsswimteam) through a video. The video has since gone viral on Instagram and it has reached a total of 400,000 views.

The video showcases Humongous the God attending the main hall of the university and throwing money down at the crowd to cheers of merry Christmas.  The crowd, unsurprisingly, went wild with excitement. Besides having in excess of 400,000 views, the video also received over 22,000 likes, which showcases just how appreciative people are of the rapper's actions. Indeed, this is also mentioned by other rappers who greatly respect the work that Humongous the God has done.

After posting the video on Instagram, and noticing that a number of teachers of the University of Toronto had shared it, several students came forward expressing their regret at missing the event. All were aware of the rapper's music and his regular contributions to society, and particularly his focus on educational needs.

In a recent interview, Humongous the God said that it's nearly Christmas and it's a great time for sharing, especially at a university where young people are struggling to get a decent education so society can continue to grow and flourish over the next few generations. He was happy to do something good for the students and he looks forward to his next plan, saying that he's already brewing with ideas.

Several thousand dollars were handed out to students, yet there was no major throng of people, nor did anyone start pushing or create unsafe situations for others present. Humongous the God added that it's a credit to those students; No doubt they still had Christmas presents to buy, but none of them pushed others out of the way or started to cause problems. He never thought they would, but was reassured to see young people confirm that they are respectful and nice.

It is not clear when Humongous the God will be doing his next stunt or if he will do one at all. However, it is believed that he is currently working on a new album and a number of new songs, and his loyal fans are keeping their eye on future developments. It has been around a year since the rapper brought out fresh material, which is believed to be because he is currently working on a true masterpiece. Regardless, however, the fact that he has been able to do something so good for the community as a whole is truly amazing.


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Music artist Humongous the God has recently conducted a free cash give away for the University of Toronto's swim team.
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