Authentic, Renewable and Reliable Clothing Caters to Free-Nature Lifestyle

  • Date: May 04, 2020
  • Category: Fashion

SoulFree Yoga, a company specializing in yoga wear, is proud to bring customers authentic, renewable and reliable clothing that caters to a free-nature lifestyle. The brand focuses on utilizing deadstock as a sustainable textile.


Los Angeles, CA, May 04, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Los Angeles-based company, SoulFree Yoga, is highlighting that its yoga wear is an authentic, renewable and reliable clothing line that caters to free-nature lifestyles. Senior spokesperson for the brand, Emory Pak, says, "We specialize in authentic yoga wear that  connects to its roots, bridging together eastern influences and western culture."

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All SoulFree Yoga products come from India, the birthplace of yoga, where each garment is made with care. "Whether it's the downward dog or the revolved triangle, we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible," explains Pak.

SoulFree Yoga aims to be as eco-friendly as possible. The brand has focused on utilizing deadstock, the fabric that goes unused by the mill or brand that fabricated it. Since deadstock fabric is any textile that's sitting around as a leftover without plans for future use, the brand found this source to be the most sustainable option. "Did you know that clothing factories can produce up to 30% of wasted fabric a year?" says Pak. "By choosing to use deadstock, we are helping to get rid of waste altogether. We have a saying at SoulFree Yoga: No buckles, No plastics, No waste."

The company offers an impressive line of harem pants that come in two lengths to suit different customer preferences: below the knee and ankle length. Made of 100% rayon, the super-soft pants are lightweight and feature two pockets, an elastic waistband with drawstring and elastic cuffed hems. They are designed for a comfortable, relaxed fit.

The brand also carries yoga mat bags and bandanas. "Our printed bandana is the perfect accessory for those breezy beach vibes. Pair it with our printed harem pants to complete that cool, carefree look," suggests Pak.

For SoulFree Yoga, its clothing has a broader meaning. Pak says, "The earth is our home, and it's about time we treated it right. When you are wearing our quality harem pants, you are doing your part in lessening our carbon footprint."

Those interested in learning more about SoulFree Yoga and the brand's line of yoga wear, please visit the official company website.


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Our mission is to create sustainable and reliable clothing catered for your free-nature lifestyle. We specialize in yoga wear that connects to its roots, bridging together eastern influences with western culture.