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ACT Automated Online Selling System Wins RockStar Marketing Product of the Year

The ACT System was beta released in January 2016 to an elite mastermind group run by Craig Duswalt of RockStar Marketing. The System changed the way the members generated leads and turned them into paying customers.

In March 2017 John Limbocker, creator of the ACT program was awarded RockStar Marketing’s Product of the Year.

Ann McIndoo, The Author’s Coach produces over 1,200 books

Write A Book, Quickly & Easily with The Author’s Coach

For those who want to write a book, Ann McIndoo, The Author’s Coach, will help to get a book done both, quickly and easily. Her Author’s Online Course takes authors through the entire process in just a few simple steps. Over 1,200 books produced to date using Ann’s unique process.

  • Date: Jul 08, 2016
  • Category: Health

Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. To Release Custom Nutrition Software In Summer 2016

This Summer, Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. will be debuting their state of the art Custom Nutrition Software called “What Works”. The company developed the meal planning software in an effort to help personal trainers, gym owners, and dietitians boost their efforts within the health and wellness community.

Julie Marie McDonough Book Still Making Waves Through Recent Video

Last year Julie Marie McDonough released a book titled, “How to Make Your Credit Score Soar”. The book outlines practical ways for individuals to mend low credit scores. This year, with the addition of a new YouTube video, the book is seeing even more success.

Joe Frazzette Of Wisdom Cafe Releases New Fiction Novel On How To Master The Mind

Joe Frazzette, author and entrepreneur of Wisdom Cafe, has released a new fiction novel titled, “Master or Servant”. The book is a companion to Frazzette’s non-fiction book, “Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula.” Both books cover the subject of self-hypnosis, and meditation.

Forbes Riley added to speaker roster for the Social Entrepreneur Summit

You Will Change the World is an educational marketplace, representing a culture of Master Mentorship with live events, providing the ideal environment for its instructors to share their knowledge and experience with the world

“You Will Change the World” gains major momentum with New Courses and Live Events

(Las Vegas, NV) You Will Change the World announces their new Live Events, along with the addition of celebrity instructors, John Burke and Dirk Vermin, to Peter Anthony Wynn’s exclusive Master Mentoring Program.

DSMA Honors Younique with “Growth” Award

LEHI, UT – Younique, a cosmetics direct sales company dedicated to uplifting, empowering and validating women everywhere, received the Direct Selling Management Association’s (DSMA) “Growth” award in a ceremony held November 6, 2014.

Water Management Technologica Leap -Radar Discharge Measurement

Technology that can provide accurate real-time water data has many critical applications. From managing water usage, hydro-power generation, to warning communities of impending flooding, precise water data is vital to the protection of human life.

Breakthroughs in technology such as the Sommer RQ-30 Discharge Radar Sensor will become pivotal in the way we collect and analyze water data, empowering water managers to make more effective real-time decisions.

  • Date: Apr 01, 2014
  • Category: Legal

NJ Divorce Lawyers Win Precedent Setting Appeal, Decision Gets Rare Approval

Goldstein Bachman and Newman has just announced that an appellate court of New Jersey has just deliberated in favor of their client, reversing an earlier ruling by Judge Fisher, P.J.A.D. The original decision had stated that the defendant and plaintiff would have to settle their dispute within Brighton, Ontario, Canada. New Jersey will continue to be the exclusive jurisdiction for parenting-time disputes.

  • Date: Feb 17, 2014
  • Category: Sports

Miss Hot Stick Launches a New Social Sport Fishing Website for Lady Anglers

A new social website launched this month catering to Lady Anglers Worldwide. It is the first of its kind and is set to become the next Facebook, but for the fishing community. This new and exciting social media haven is called Miss Hot Stick and is online at

  • Date: Feb 12, 2014
  • Category: Media

Optigraphics Honored For Product Innovation For Advances In Lenticular Printing

OptiGraphics wins the Gold in the 2014 Suppliers Achievement Award Competition sponsored by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

  • Date: Jan 31, 2014
  • Category: Health

Dr. David Scharf Introduces All-on-4 Dental Implant Treatment In Long Island

Dr. David Scharf, a Board Certified Periodontist based in Long Island, New York, is proud to announce that the All-on-4 dental implant procedure will now be available at his practice. This efficient and effective procedure features a number of patient-centered benefits and enables patients to restore their smiles with one, day-long implant denture procedure that preserves dental health.

  • Date: Jan 31, 2014
  • Category: Legal

Legal Funding, LLC Introduces for Those Settling With BP

Legal Funding, LLC has announced that they have launched to provide cash litigation advances to victims of the BP oil spill. Considered the largest and probably the most destructive marine oil spill in history, the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill caused damage all along the Gulf of Mexico and no clear sign of resolution is evident. The original claim deadline of April 2014 looks likely to be extended even further, and victims of the disaster will have to wait for longer to receive their compensation. With this in mind, Legal Funding, LLC, who owns the website, has introduced the new website and a pre-settlement cash advance service designed specifically to provide relief for those awaiting settlement of their lawsuit against British Petroleum (BP).

Dominator Marketing Offers Online Marketing Classes, Teaching The Future Of SEO

Search Engine Specialist from Dominator Marketing, John Limbocker, has announced that a new ranking factor, called “Conversational Anchor Text,” has been discovered and has been proven to take webpages to the top of Google search results, without the traditional risks associated with search engine optimization (SEO). He stated that this new ranking factor is pegged to shape the future of companies’ abilities to rank well in Google search engines.

  • Date: Jan 06, 2014
  • Category: Media

The Leader In Lenticular Printing Technology, Optigraphics Wins Gold

The industry trade association Promotional Products Association International, or PPAI, has presented Optigraphics with Gold in 2013 for its revolutionary printing technology, WaterReveal. This technology was recently used by Kraft Foods in a Rolling Stone magazine advertisement for MIO.