Author Archives: jstiglic Eclipses Milestone Surpassing 10,000 iOS Apps

In less than 90 days, has achieved incredible growth in both number of apps reviewed and customer reviews.

iOS Mobile App Reviews Resource Brings Clarity to Consumers in a Crowded App Industry launches as the most comprehensive consumer oriented portal to showcase iOS app features and user review content in real time. Makes Reviewing Dinner Options a Science

Millions of people worldwide are turning to meal delivery services to feed their families but wonder who should they choose. introduces the first ever rating system for meal delivery services.

MealDeliveryReviewer Launches Information Resource

With dozens of meal delivery services to choose from, consumers are faced with the difficult decision. Picking who is going to feed them and their families.

CE Zoom Founders Sarah Thiel and Katrinna Jackson Release CE Tracking Rap Video

Sarah Thiel and Katrinna Jackson, founders of CE Zoom, make their debut as performance artists in their soon to be viral video titled “New School Tracker” which touches on serious issues effecting healthcare professionals seeking to meet state specific continuing education requirements and how states perform license renewal audits.

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions Announces Nextup as a Sponsor of Management By Fire

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, the industry leader in automotive telephone training, dealership management training, internet response, BDC training, and car sales training is excited to announce that Nextup, a leader in performance management solutions, will be a sponsor at their Management By Fire event on July 12th-14th in Dallas Texas.