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Ford Dealer Closes Deals on 6 Cars in 3 Days Using Mojo Global’s Predictable Lead Generation

During a 3-day sales campaign a Ford Dealership netted $10,878 in new car sales as a direct result of adopting Mojo Global’s All-In-One Multi-Channel Predictable Auto Sales Lead Generation System.

Mojo Global’s Predictable Auto Lead Generation System Results in $38k New Car Sales in 1 Day

During a 1-day Sales Campaign a Mercedes and BMW Dealership closed $38,783 in new car sales as a direct result of adding Mojo Global’s All-In-One Multi-Channel Predictable Auto Sales Lead Generation System to their sales mix.

Introducing Rare Open Tryouts – Mojo Global Hosts World Famous Marketing Coach Wendy Stevens

Mojo Global, an international leader in Lead Generation, Proprietary Leads Software and Lead Conversion announces Open Tryouts for an Extreme Marketing Makeover. An Individual, Entrepreneur or Business Owner will win a massive “Before and After” Makeover by participating in a June 29th Mojo Global Marketing Call featuring top worldwide marketing speaker and author, Coach Wendy Stevens.

How Business Owners Gain a Competitive Edge Investing in Mojo Global’s My Big Fat List Builder

Mojo Global’s My Big Fat List Builder instantly generates niched leads on demand, fills a calendar with sales appointments and helps create new client revenue.

Mojo Global Solves Low Traditional Media ROI with High ROI Auto Sales Lead Generation System

Traditional media has become increasingly expensive for car dealerships and can deliver low ROI. Mojo Global’s proven All-In-One Proprietary Automated Multi-Channel Lead Generation System solves this by offering predictable streams of incoming leads with a high return on investment.

Ira Rosen of Award-Winning Mojo Global Continues to Dispel Lead Generation and Funding Myths

Ira Rosen is fiercely passionate to help entrepreneurs succeed to the fullest extent possible. Ira and co-founder of Mojo Global, Cory Michael Sanchez, continue to launch game changing products that propel small businesses to financial success including B2B Lead Generation Software, Mojo Financial, and Automotive Sales Lead Generation.

Award-Winning Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses Created by Cory Michael Sanchez

Cory Michael Sanchez, co-founder of Mojo Global, is the chief architect of Mojo’s award-winning lead generation software and powerful informational products.

Discovered: Streamlined, No Hassle Small Business Lines of Credit Offered by Mojo Financial

Although most small business owners need funding capital to sustain and grow a business – loans have become increasingly hard to qualify for. Mojo Financial offers a solution, lines of credit from $25,000 to $150,000 that can be funded in as little as 2 weeks with minimal paperwork.

Mojo Global Solves Auto Lead Generation Dilemma Hyundai Dealership Nets 83k Sales in 1 Month

A Hyundai Automobile Dealership closed an additional 54 Deals and netted over $83,000 in sales as a direct result of investing in Mojo Global’s All-In-One Proprietary Automated Multi-Channel Lead Generation System.

Negative Online Reviews for Local Business Owners Solved by Gisela Beckermann, The Arte Group

To stay competitive, most local business owners need to grow their business by adding new customers. With the advent of online reviews, it’s become especially important to maintain solid, positive reviews since the majority of people read them before choosing a service or product.

Dealer Management of Vehicle Inventory Solved by BidACar’s Proven Cutting-Edge Technology

BidACar is the only marketplace designed to support and assist in the management of vehicle inventory for dealers by utilizing the dealer community as a network.

Unprecedented Small Business Funding Need Solved by Mojo Financial with Quick Access to Funds

Mojo Financial offers a unique opportunity for Small Business Startups, Existing Small Businesses, Medical Professionals, Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs to get access to desperately needed Startup, Working, Investment and Expansion Capital on the basis of a signature with minimal paperwork.

Mojo Global’s Remarkable B2B Lead Generation Training Unveils Secrets to Rapid Lead Growth

Business owner Nikesha Rhoden of Custom Apps Plus says that Mojo Global’s Expert B2B Lead Generation Training, Customer Service and Support is paramount to Custom App’s Growth, and Mojo rolls out the red carpet when dealing with clients.

1000% Explosion of New High-Level Connections via MOJO Global B2B Lead Gen in Less Than 90 Days

Serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and internet marketing strategist Michael Taggart, Founder and CEO of Adventure Marketing, credits MOJO Global’s B2B Lead Generation Prospecting Software for rapidly increasing Adventure’s high net worth and high level social network B2B connections in less than 3 months.

Quality Commercial Loans with Competitive Terms Solved by Seasoned Bilingual Lending Exec

Rick Rodriguez is a Commercial Real Estate Lending Executive for NorthPoint Capital Funding, Inc., is fluent in Spanish and English and is known for strong customer service and an innate ability to match clients to the right loan that fits long-term financial goals.

Online Branding Visibility for Business Solved by Web Development Goals, LLC

Web Development Goals, LLC’s Proprietary Marketing Software Helps Business Owners Seize Branding Visibility Online while Expanding Opportunities through its Turn-Key Brand Optimization Service

Pharma Compounds Utilizes MOJO Global’s B2B Lead Generation System and Grows Exponentially

MOJO’s Proprietary B2B Lead Generation Software and Training are credited for helping Pharma Compounds grow by $50 – $80k a month over the next 3 months in revenue by owner, John Fish.

Technological, Organic Growth, Market Share & Sustaining Competitive Advantage Solved

Business Owners, Top Executives and Board Members of any size Enterprise from Start-Ups to Conglomerates may experience the struggle of capturing continued innovation. Ideation International Inc. solves this problem with proprietary “Office of Innovation.”

6 Reasons Why The Cleanliness of a Business Helps It Succeed by Anago Western PA

Anago Cleaning Systems of Western PA a multi award-winning full-service commercial cleaning company since 1989 offers 6 Reasons Why the Cleanliness of a Business is an Important Factor to its Success.

National Association of Women Business Owners Honors REALTOR® Jackie Henry Achievements

West Valley Arizona REALTOR® Jackie Henry is the recipient of the 2015 – 2016 Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to Her Profession and the Achievement of Women by the National Association of Women Business Owners

Life Assessment Services on Turbomachinery can save a business tens of millions of dollars.

VeriTech Labs, LLC is one of the few companies in the United States that are competitively active in this market. OEM companies are not competitive because Life Assessment cuts into their manufactured parts market.

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Clinical Social Worker Joyce Ann Tepley Offers Course to Help Others Thrive through Adversity

Clinical Social Worker Joyce Ann Tepley and Author of Thriving Through It – How They Do It: What It Takes to Transform Trauma Into Triumph launches the Master of the Art of Thriving Course to help others thrive through adversity.

Author Uses Mojo Global’s LinkedIn Lead Generation System To Grow Fanbase and Clients

Most know that a successful social media marketing campaign can help create a base of raving and loyal fans who will promote your business and purchase from it. Since LinkedIn is “the” professional social networking site finding a system that helps you do so can be as exciting as striking gold.

Mojo Global with Marketing Clients in 30 Countries Adds 104 New Clients in 1 Week

Mojo Global, a social media marketing firm with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona obtained 104 new clients during the week of March 9 – 13, 2015. This is a feat rarely equaled in the business world, and it is the biggest sales week in Mojo’s history.

Mojo Global Does a Years Business in 1 Week

Mojo Global, a social media marketing firm in Scottsdale, Arizona gained 100 new paying clients in the week of March 9th through 13th, 2015. This is a feat rarely equaled in the business world, and the biggest sales week in its entire history.