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VIDEO: Explosives Used to Break into Machine during ATM Robbery, Thieves Caught on HD Camera

On August 13th, two individuals used explosives to blow up an ATM machine kiosk at a Chevron gas station in San Diego. On October 5th, one of the suspects was arrested and is now facing Federal charges. Check out the video that helped the Federal authorities locate him.

Recent Meetings in DC May Lead to Easier Lives for Independent ATM Deployers and Money Servicing Businesses

ATM Industry Officials push towards an end of Operation Choke Point and a drastic change to the Dodd-Frank Act so banks can work with IADs and MSBs to conduct business.

SearchBug Unveils Data Cleansing to Append Phone Numbers to Names and Addresses

A “phone only” option is now available to clients taking advantage of SearchBug’s Data Cleansing Service which “Appends Phone Numbers, Names, and Addresses to US Business and Consumer Lists Service.”

SearchBug Announces Criminal Record Searches Now Included with Premium Membership

SearchBug’s Premium Membership Holders can now perform up to 100 criminal searches a day at no additional charge.

  • Date: Jan 19, 2016
  • Category: Health

Introducing The Now Clock, A Mindfulness Tool For Stress Reduction

A new simple tool, called The Now Clock, is being used to help people bring the practice of mindfulness into their daily lives. Scientific research is revealing the many benefits that mindfulness practices have on physical and emotional health, from treating stress, heart disease, chronic pain, and more. Interviews ATM Depot CEO about Benefits of Owning ATM Machines

ATMDepot CEO Noah C. Wieder recently visited to explain why cash is still king in most places and how merchants can take advantage of this fact to create a win-win situation for themselves by either owning and operating their own ATM or by contracting with an IAD to operate one for them. Announces New Instant Place of Employment Search

Searchbug account holders can now conduct instant place of employment searches thanks to a new service offering from the people/business search leader.

SearchBug Ranked #2 in People Search By

SearchBug announces that it has been ranked #2 among all people search companies in the latest rankings released by which evaluates people finder companies based on a proprietary 9-point ranking system.

Searchbug Featured on Reuters Sign in Times Square

Searchbug’s national exposure continues to increase as it was recently featured on the Reuters Sign in the heart of Times Square in New York City. Now Offering Advanced API Services in Both XML & JSON Formats.

Clients can now choose how they want to receive the information obtained by Searchbug’s Advanced API Service – in either XML or JSON formats. Announces “Spooktacular Halloween Special” on People Searches

Searchbug has decided to celebrate Halloween this year by offering jaw-dropping discounts on its most popular people search subscriptions. Unveils Updated LNP tool Identify Phone Number API in Real Time

Searchbug’s Updated real-time LNP tool allows users to quickly and easily see if a phone number has been ported plus verify, validate or check to see if a phone number is a wireless (cellular) number, a VoIP number or a regular (home or office wire line) landline number.

New Website Unveiled – Find People easier than ever before.

Leading online service for finding people, businesses, addresses, phone numbers and more debuts newly redesigned website filled with cutting-edge search tools.

SearchBug Announces Special Holiday Savings for New Clients Who Sign Up in May!

In connection with the numerous holidays scheduled in May – including May Day, Cinco De Mayo, National Teacher Day, Mothers Day, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day – is offering special money-saving subscription offers to all new clients who sign up this month.

  • Date: Jan 28, 2014
  • Category: Legal

Track Down and Levy Debtors’ Accounts with a Personal Bank Account Search

SearchBug’s personal bank account search helps customers locate bank account information to levy debtors’ accounts for outstanding child support or collection on a judgment. Checking and savings accounts across multiple states can be searched and located within one week.

New Batch Service Delivers 10,000 Names & Phone Numbers in Under 20 Minutes. launches new batch search service capable of appending up to five phone numbers and five names for up to 10,000 address records. As a web based tool, it’s compatible for all operating systems, phone number and name append provides results in less than 20 minutes.

SearchBug Introduces Integrated Database API’s to Thwart Form Spam

Verifying account holders’ information is necessary to not only prevent financial and security threats but reduce form spam. Identifying Phone Number API Technology serves to validate what an individual enters as personal information.

  • Date: Sep 09, 2013
  • Category: Health

Pure Motion Fitness Announces Its First Annual Weight Loss Challenge

Pure Motion Fitness is launching its first ever Back To School six-week fitness and weight loss challenge on September 16. San Diego area residents will have the opportunity to revamp their diet and workout regimen under the guidance of experienced personal trainers and nutritionists, and compete for a chance to win prizes.

SearchBug Now Offers a New Service to Help Collect Judgments and Garnish Wages

Using wage garnishment to collect on a judgment isn’t new, but a new service from SearchBug helps speed up the process by locating your debtor’s place of employment (POE) in order to collect.

Best People Search Brings World Class Investigator Services to

Best People Search, a leading consolidated information services provider, has moved to The new platform boasts a user-friendly interface, advanced functionality and increased security.

SearchBug Adds Private Investigator Services to Its List of Offerings

For nearly 20 years, SearchBug has been a leading provider of search solutions. The company is now expanding its offerings to include private investigator services in an effort to further cater to its customers’ growing needs.

The People Search Industry Is Now Officially On Notice: Finally: A New And Better Way To Conduct Searches

It’s a fact. The people search industry got a bad rap with the advent of free online databases and all the spam and scam websites. As proof, look no further than comments and reviews from customers of some of the most popular services. The word “satisfaction” does not usually enter the conversation or appear in their reviews. But here’s what will help: The new assisted investigator search service.