Back Pain Relief: Many Options are Available with Dr. Richard Francis

  • Date: Feb 23, 2018
  • Category: Health

Dr. Richard Francis, Founder of Spine Associates provides many options for those suffering from back, neck and spine pain. From Physical Therapy, Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Surgery to Scoliosis and Reconstructive Surgery, Spine Fusion and Robotic Assisted Surgery, everything depends on what each individual patient needs!

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Feb 23, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Considering there are millions of people from across the globe of all ages who suffer from back, neck and spine pain, including many with chronic pain that has lasted for years, it is very important to find the right doctor who will properly diagnose and treat the pain. Houston Spine Surgeon, Dr. Richard Francis, Founder of Spine Associates has treated hundreds of patients over a period of decades and is widely recognized as one of the top back, neck and spine specialists in the world.

Since founding Spine Associates in 2003, he has built a considerable reputation by maintaining a conservative approach to treating all spine conditions in both children and adults. He has made it his goal to stay at the forefront of technology yet maintain a personal connection with patients and their families. Dr. Francis is one of few spine surgeons capable of performing surgeries on children as well as adults and prides himself as one of the first surgeons in the nation asked to perform the artificial disc replacement and to use robotic assistance in spine surgery.

At Spine Associates, Dr. Francis and his staff of professionals treat many conditions including…

· Back and Neck Pain · Scoliosis & Spine Deformity · Sciatic Nerve Pain · Spinal Stenosis · Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) · Herniated Disc · Spinal Fractures and Trauma · Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) · Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain

There are Non-Surgical Treatments such as Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation as well as Interventional Pain Management. Dr. Francis manages his practice based on the principles of conservatism and will try to exhaust all reasonable forms of conservative care before considering surgery. This is only logical, as it is widely recognized in the medical community and supported by medical literature that the majority of simple spine conditions will respond positively to treatment such as physical therapy, steroid injections, bracing and weight loss and that only a small number of patients truly require surgery.

There are also many Surgical Treatment options available. Some of the more common surgical treatments performed by Dr. Francis are…

· Robotic-Assisted Spine Surgery · Scoliosis & Reconstructive Surgery · Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar (low back) Cervical (neck) · Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery · Revision & Reconstructive Spine Surgery · SI Joint Fusion

The key to any successful diagnosis, treatment and recovery is making sure to find the right doctor for each unique and individual patient. Many of Dr. Francis’ patients, especially those who have had chronic pain for many years have been seen by other physicians in the past. Matter of fact, treating patients who have had prior unsuccessful surgeries is one of Dr. Francis’ specialties.

When it comes to spine surgery, it’s important to seek out a true expert, someone who not only knows and treats spines, but also specializes solely in spine care. Dr. Francis has a dedicated surgical team that includes Surgical Assistants, OR Nurses, Anesthesiologists and Neurophysiologists who have specialized training and experience. This team approach minimizes operating time and complications.

Spine Associates will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to the practice of spine medicine. Dr. Francis routinely uses minimally invasive surgical techniques which benefit patients by speeding recovery and minimizing post-operative pain. Most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, so the patients typically return home the same day­­­­.

Submit a Question to Ask the Doctor Dr. Richard Francis and the Spine Associates Team are ready to answer your toughest questions related to back and neck pain, surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments and more. No question is too simple or too complicated. To submit a question to one of the physicians at Spine Associates or to request an appointment, please Click the Link Above.

Spine Associates also provides a Patient Ambassador Program for those patients who are facing an upcoming surgery procedure to connect personally with a Former Patient who has successfully been through and recovered from the same or a very similar surgical procedure. This can be extremely helpful just to be in close contact with someone who has already been through the process before.

In addition, there are hundreds of Patient Testimonials that a new patient can read through that clearly show the great success that Dr. Francis’ former patients have had since they chose to see him for treatment.

Spine Associates has offices in Houston and Beaumont Texas and can be reached by calling the following numbers… Houston Office 9301 Southwest Freeway Suite 600 Houston, Texas 77074 1-713-383-7100

Beaumont Office One Folsom Building 3820 Pointe Parkway Beaumont, Texas 77706 1-409-767-8221

For further information please Visit the Website at

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“I knew what I wanted to do from my first exposure to spine surgery in medical school. What grabbed me was that you could take a child with a severe deformity and—within just a few hours—correct it to the point where it was almost normal.”
- Houston Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis
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