Bassinet Wedge for Acid Reflux Released to Safely Ensure Restful Sleep


Chibello releases a bassinet wedge that creates lasting sleep by reducing acid reflux and congestion, promoting a restful and healthy sleep. Continue reading

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Needham, MA, Jul 02, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Sleep is a rare commodity for parents and babies in the early years of an infant's life. Acid reflux and other uncomfortable conditions affect the ways that babies sleep, keeping parents up worrying about their children's discomfort. Chibello has released a new bassinet wedge that mitigates the uneasiness caused by acid reflux and congestion safely.

Chibello is a family owned business that develops baby products based on the shortcomings of tried-and-true products, reworking classic designs so that they work effectively for parents. Its mission is to minimize daily challenges and maximize happiness for a family.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, "We, at Chibello, are parents, just like you. We get you! Our bassinet will provide a better night's sleep for you and your baby. A baby wedge sleep positioner can place a child's head at an uncomfortable angle so that the problems of sleeping are made worse. Working under the recommendations of paediatricians, we have designed our wedge at a 12-degree incline to provide the most optimal elevation. This opens the nasal and throat passageways while preventing the child from sliding off the wedge."

Chibello's wedges have the potential to eliminate some of the most lasting problems of infant sleep, helping to cultivate healthy sleeping postures. Made from 100% handcrafted organic cotton, the company states that they are easy to clean with a waterproof liner. The bassinet wedges fit most standard sized cribs, working best for most 15 inches wide, and are free of harsh chemicals, including BPA, Phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, and PBDEs.

To date, the wedge has received positive feedback from parents. One customer on Amazon wrote in their review:

"This is the perfect gift to give at a baby shower because it is for both the parent and the child. The environmentally friendly, attractive packaging really stuck out to me as indications of a conscientious brand. So often friends and family are at a loss as to what to buy for new parents, and frequently buy things that will be thrown away or forgotten. However, the gifts of comfort and restful sleep during a child's early years will last a lifetime!"

Chibello emphasizes proper use of wedges for optimal results. "Remember, bassinets should always go under a special sheet or mattress pad, and one should still always monitor their baby attentively," the company states.

Those interested in the Chibello bassinet should consult with their pediatrician first, and then visit Chibello's Amazon storefront. Chibello also offers a crib wedge with the same 12 degree incline, which works with all US standard size cribs and toddler beds. Visit its Amazon storefront for more information.



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We at Chibello are parents just like you, we get you! At Chibello, our mission is to provide you with the most effective products and solutions that minimize daily challenges and maximize your family’s happiness.
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