Battery Operated Baby Nasal Aspirator Aids Nose Suction, Launched on Amazon


Chibello releases easy to use nasal aspirator for baby that aids in congestion with easy one touch automatic capabilities. Continue reading

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Jul 08, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Instead of depending on hospitals and expensive facilities for a baby nasal aspirator, surveys show that many mothers are turning to innovative new technologies that are easing the nose congestion for babies, allowing for parents and children both to get better sleep. Chibello, the brand behind premium baby products, is leading the way in nasal aspirator technology, announcing the recent launch of its state of the art snot sucker for children.

Chibello offers thoughtful and elegantly designed products that have been making waves on the Amazon marketplace. Its nasal aspirator runs on batteries, which are thoughtfully included. The product is proven to be safe and hygienic for children, eliminating exposure of bacteria and mold- a huge issue complicating manual aspirators, says the company.

A spokesperson for Chibello states, "Don't we, as parents, wish for a good night's sleep for our babies and want to keep them healthy and joyful? Look no further - we are thrilled to present our one of a kind Deluxe Collection Nasal Aspirator Set that empowers you to provide your little one with maximum relief, whether your baby suffers from severe nasal or sinus congestion. No more annoying boogies in your favorite tiny snout!"

The company's battery powered nasal aspirator performs baby nose suction that works cleanly and quietly, especially with the use of saline drops. An easy one-touch operation saves parents from having to wrangle complicated, frustrating technology along with their energetic young ones.

To date, the response to Chibello has been more than enthusiastic. One customer states in their review:

"Oh my gosh, why does anyone use the old school manual suck version of this? This tool makes it SO easy to clean my baby's nose! My little one is only five weeks old and suffering from a runny nose. He sits still and doesn't mind the suction at all."

Not usually thought to be glamorous, Chibello has changed the way that consumers think about snot suckers, offering custom colored tips as well as the innovative Xtra Suction Power Tip. There does not seem to be a reason why products such as nasal aspirators should be functional and not attractive, says the company.

Those interested in this product can visit the Chibello official website or Amazon storefront. The company also offers crib and bassinet wedges with an optimal 12 degree incline. Visit its Amazon storefront for more information.


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