BBMC Mortgage Presents The Veterans’ Pursuit of Happiness Google+ Hangout


Industry expert on home loans for veterans, BBMC Mortgage will host a Google+ Hangout in partnership with Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues on March 10th.

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Mar 04, 2015 /prREACH/ -- In connection with its Patriot's Charity Initiative (PCI), BBMC Mortgage, in partnership with Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues, will host the Veterans' Pursuit of Happiness, a Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, March 10th. The hangout will focus on innovative ideas to support veterans in their pursuit of happiness when transitioning from service to civilian life.

The Veterans' Pursuit of Happiness will begin at 1 pm CST and will provide world class education and awareness on the available mortgage options for veterans.

The Hangout is the first of its kind for the two charities.

For its initiative, BBMC focuses on charitable giving and creating exposure for veteran charitable organizations. For every loan closed, BBMC makes a donation to one of four chosen military charities for PCI. You can find out more information about this exciting program by visiting the BBMC Mortgage website at

Because the number of veterans searching for homes continues to increase, so does the need for support during the transitional period between military and civilian life. As an industry expert on home loans for veterans, BBMC provides the necessary support and education during this time, working with veterans to achieve their goals for home ownership.

By working with BBMC for their home loan needs, veterans not only receive expert guidance and service, they also help themselves and others through contributions made on their behalf by BBMC to one of the four PCI charity organizations.

Team Rubicon works to unite the skills and expertise of military veterans with disaster first responders to quickly deploy emergency teams. Its primary mission is to provide relief between the moment a disaster happens and the moment conventional aid organization are able to respond.

In working to "Bridge the Gap" between these moments and the gap between military and civilian life, Team Rubicon seeks to provide veterans with three things they may have lost after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through disaster relief; community, built by serving others; and self-worth, recognized as veterans see the impact individuals can have.

The Mission Continues redeploys veterans in their communities, creating a shared legacy of action and service. Veterans learn new ways to serve their country by partaking in the action-oriented programs of The Mission Continues.

For its The Mission Continues' Fellowship program, the organization works to harness veterans' strengths, skills, and compassion and empowers them to volunteer within their communities. The Mission Continues' Service Platoons program brings together teams of veterans who are working with local partners to build stronger communities.

Through these programs, The Mission Continues creates a unique model for reciprocal benefits for veterans and their local communities. Veterans volunteer to help others and through this service, build new skills and networks that help them to successfully transition home.

Please join us for an event full of education and inspiration, saluting the troops.

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All talks for The Veterans' Pursuit of Happiness will be recorded and posted online.

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