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Leading Bergen County roofing company recently adds elements on website to improve their consistent dedication in providing value for their customers. Continue reading

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Dec 01, 2014 /prREACH/ -- With the winter season fast approaching and temperatures across the country hitting some record lows, a roof issue is the last thing a home or building owner would want to deal with. In areas like Bergen County New Jersey, where snow could be an issue, being proactive and checking one's roof for any issues yearly is highly recommended. The roofing experts at Bergen County Roofing, understand this and although the warmer months would be the best time to inspect for any problems, trained professionals are prepared to handle any type of roofing situations. In order to better serve their respective areas, top roof contractors have joined together and created a website to educate their clients while also being able to properly represent themselves. Recently, they have updated their website, which can be found at, to further reflect the changing internet landscape that puts a lot of focus on interactive elements such as videos as well as the importance of a strong social media presence.

"While emergency roofing problems may not allow someone the luxury of being picky, people still want to be able to choose a company or individual contractor whom they can trust", says Joe Steadman, online marketing director for Bergen County Roofing. He goes on further to state, "By incorporating video that features educational content as well as testimonials from past clients, we hope to allow potential customers the ability to quickly assess whether or not we are the right roofing professionals for them."

The website originally was created to just generate leads for the primary partner's company but as the amount of calls started to increase to a level that made it necessary to either expand quickly or partner up with other professionals in the area, the owner went with the latter idea. This was primarily decided because keeping the highest standards was a priority, plus it was easier to service a wider area by teaming up with other roofer's that were based in more remote areas of New Jersey.

A safe roof is something may people take for granted until a problem shows up. Prevention, as with anything, is everyone's best bet.  So when it comes to house or commercial building repairs and particularly roof problems, making sure to do proper due diligence in researching reliable companies is key. The Bergen County Roofing Company hope to be New Jersey homeowner's plus business owners destination website for these answers, and their constant focus on providing value should put them high on the list for viable solutions.

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