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Travel Gear Discounts has recently published an article written by noted travel writer Daniel Grenier, revealing the 25 best front pocket wallets of 2020. The company curates deals on the internet for all types of travel gear. Continue reading


Austin, TX, Jul 17, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Travel Gear Discounts, a popular online platform for extraordinary discounts on travel-related needs, has recently published an insightful article sharing the names of the 25 best front pocket wallets for the year. Travel Gear Discounts brings together amazing discounts on flights, gear and hotels and shares the inspiring stories of experienced travelers and their adventures.

The entire article published by Travel Gear Discounts is available to read at https://travelgeardiscounts.com/blog/25-best-front-pocket-wallets-of-2020/.

The article was written by Daniel Grenier, a distinguished professional travel writer. In this article, Grenier writes that a front pocket wallet has distinct advantages over a back pocket wallet, particularly for travelers. He suggests that comfort and security are two of the most important factors while choosing a quality front pocket wallet. Minimalist style, no damage to the pants, durability, and RFID technology are some other important considerations, according to Grenier.

As far as the features are concerned, Grenier considers volume, material, security, dimensions, functionality and budget to be important. Based on all these factors, he has shortlisted the best front pocket wallets of 2020. As per Grenier’s evaluation, Rogue Industries RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet is his top pick right now.

“The brilliant minds behind Rogue Industries crafted their front pocket wallet to accommodate the shape of pants pockets. Their design mimics the shape of a shark fin, which allows it to slide perfectly into your pocket. It has proven to be more comfortable to carry with its natural fit and is easier to grab out of your pocket,” Grenier writes. “Not only does this front pocket wallet provide supreme comfort, but its features also keep you safe from all kinds of theft. The slim fit slides deep into your pocket to prevent petty theft. Also, the RFID technology configured into the material secures your credit cards and ID from digital scammers.”

The next four front pocket wallets are ranked as below:

  • Bellroy Slim Leather Charcoal Wallet
  • Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Leather Front Pocket Wallet
  • F&H Minimalist Slim Leather Money Clip Wallet
  • Ti5 Slim Titanium Front Pocket Wallet

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