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    Bethenny Frankel vs JT Foxx, Entrepreneurs Unite. No drama here!

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    From natural foods chef to top self-made business woman, that doesn’t just happen without a lot of marketing, branding, and strategy. Bethenny Frankel has built a massive business empire and is going to open up on how she has become such a business dynamo, and you can be there live!!!

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    JT Foxx's annual event brings some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and business celebrities together with one goal in mind: learn, earn, and return!  The idea is to connect all of these people together at one event to encourage learning about different areas of business, apply what was learned to grow their business and earn more, and then give back to the community.  JT Foxx has been hosting these annual events for many years and has had some of the biggest names attend. At the 2016 event, John Travolta, 50 Cent, Fredrik Eklund, and Randi Zuckerberg were just some of the guests interviewed.

    JT Foxx focuses on finding some of the most successful people to take his stage to bring value to the people who come to learn. This year, the event will be held on November 17th - 21st in Los Angeles, California, and Bethenny Frankel will be taking it to the next level. Bethenny has built her business from the ground up and understands what it really takes to build an empire.  From TV shows, best-selling books, and one of Forbes Celebrity Top 100, she certainly brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table on how to grow a brand and business.

    At past events, the audience has been able to take the business lessons that the speakers shared and apply them to their own life, making a major impact on their own businesses. This year, we think Frankel is going to give the audience tremendous value.

    The event is called the JT Foxx M.B.A as JT Foxx knows how important Marketing, Branding, and Analytics are to business.  If you don't know how to market or brand and you don’t know your numbers, it is very hard to succeed in today's business environment. There will be attendees from over 65 different countries coming together for the global networking and business opportunities.

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    "I have always said that women are better at business then men, and Bethenny Frankel has proven that you can build a 100 million dollar empire with a great vision, great team, and the desire to succeed. She is an inspiration to us all."
    - JT Foxx
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