Announces A New Sport That’s Taking Over The Tennis World

  • Date: Aug 26, 2013
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Big Ball Tennis is a more extreme version of regular tennis that features a 9″ tennis ball, double the bounces on each side, and passing between partners. It’s a perfect sport for those who can take something ridiculous seriously, and have the physical ability to back it up.

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Aug 26, 2013 /prREACH/ --

San Diego, CA - August 22, 2013 - For many people, tennis is the perfect sport.  It combines motor skills, speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination.  But, for some, it’s just not intense or social enough.

This is where Big Ball Tennis comes in.  This new and improved version of tennis features a larger, 9”, tennis ball (about the size of a basketball).  But that’s not the only improvement. You’re allowed up to 2 bounces on each side, you can pass the ball to your partner (like in volleyball), and you can play the ball off of fences and other surrounding objects. In fact, the game is played with a certain degree of “Prison Rules”, meaning more is allowed than not.

According to the website, Big Ball Tennis was first played in 2002 by Mike Sullivan, mainly as a joke to mock and irritate some local tennis players in Southern California. But after introducing the sport to his friend, Jason Drews, they discovered that it was actually quite addicting.  They spent some time formulating a consistent set of rules and regulations, and now the sport is growing exponentially.  There’s even a weekly group in San Diego.

One of the Big Ball Tennis taglines is “This sport is for those with the unique talent of taking something ridiculous seriously, and the physical ability to back it up.”  There’s many videos of live Big Ball Tennis action on the site, so you can see for yourself that this is indeed true.  This new sport is a rare combination of humor and competitiveness; apparently most people think it’s a silly idea...until they try it themselves and are instantly hooked.

"Big Ball Tennis owns regular's not even a contest," avid player Kane Miller of San Diego, California says. "It's funny to see normal tennis players longing to be in our games when we play on a public court." offers a wealth of information, pictures, videos, and even a forum, for this hilarious and adrenaline-pumping new sport that can be played by all age groups and experience levels.  Check out the website to learn the rules and how to get the proper equipment.

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Jason Drews

"Big Ball Tennis owns regular's not even a contest. It's funny to see normal tennis players longing to be in our games when we play on a public court."
- Kane Miller (San Diego)
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